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Wherever we go, bluebirds sing
And the flowers bloom
And the grass gets green
It's a curious thing
But it's just our thing
Wherever we go, the bees behave
In the treetops, squirrels smile and wave
It's a curious thing
And it's humbling
Where we go, little glow-worms glow
Little roadrunners run ahead
Gonna tell their friends
Little mice, little men
Get 'em all excited
All invited

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Hands up,
Holler back here,
Let's throw this party in gear,
We brought the welcome mat,
Wherever we go, that's where the party's at.
Hands up,
Holler back now
We don't claim any know how,
We're given God all that,
Wherever we go, that's where the party's at.

Wherever we go, the dumb get wise
And the crime rates drop
And the markets rise
It's a curious thing
But it's just our thing
Bullies make nice, crooks repent
And the ozone layer shows improvement
It's a curious thing
And it's humbling
Wherever we're led
All the Living Dead
Wanna leave their Zombie Mob
It's a touching scene when they all come clean
God help us, we just love our job


(Throw your hands up high)
(High, throw your hands up,)
(Throw your hands up, high.)
(High, throw your hands up,)
(Throw your hands up, high.)

This is the message we spread,
Bringin' life to the dead.
This is the Gospel expo,
Follows wherever we go.
This is the message we spread,
Bringin' life to the dead.
This is the Good News expo,
Follows wherever we go.

[CHORUS until end]

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love for the spread | Reviewer: s mclaran | 5/16/13

this is one of the first songs I have heard as a child that helped he see the lord and except him in to my life. The energy and lively ness in the song really caught my attention . But the lyrics, since i love to lip sing to songs, every time brings my spirt from moderate or below to high. It shows how the srpead of Christ is a party whether at church, missionarires, gospel camp, basically anywhere. All of nature responding to our invitation is hopefully what God wants, the creator of ALL things. As a follower of christ, I am the party and I have and will forever spread this trurth that Christians have the oppertunity to do in the strongest and most influential ways to change the lives around us - the world. And just o give cedit to one song is not enough, THE NEWSBOYS(both new and newer)are doing great in all the songs they write.

what I love | Reviewer: emski | 3/13/13

I love this song because it tells about freedom to be yourself without sham. I think that because God loves you, you should believe in yourself and do anything that you can do and beyond. This song talks about letting loose and having fun. Fun is not a sin, everything you do has a consequence, when you do good as much as possible you'll be able to party and have fun without a clue as to what sin is. Remember to party and bring on the welcome mat by including others.

Let There Be Light... | Reviewer: Whooo... | 12/3/12

don't let them deceive you, those that tend toward focusing on the negative aspects of anything, are willfully imagining in that direction, and in the doing they seek to divide rather than join together...

we are simply blinded by The Light; in love with Love

we know better, it's up to them to remember.

; )

For people who think this is secular | Reviewer: Laugh alittle | 5/26/12

I think some people need to loosen up and enjoy the Lord and what He does for us. Why can't christians have a ggod time? Parties aren't bad. If you have a birthday party would it be sinful? We aren't jeovahs witnesses. We can throw a party of celebration for the Lord!

lovin' it | Reviewer: Theodore | 4/14/12

love this song guys, it's a great way to express our love of God in a way that is pop ular:) this is one of my favorite newsboys songs and yes, if anybody is not a christian, please become one and serve God with all your heart, i became a christian when i was 11 and i cried the whole time, so don't be bashful

God Is Alive | Reviewer: Jennifer Linda Rodriguez | 3/6/12

wow i loved it i mean hey every day it's a party to be with God and when you have some one or a person recieve God as thier personal Savior it is a time to party cause that person is now a new person and child of God =D

My thoughts on this song | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 8/27/11

I believe this song means that where ever we go people and the life around us sees the Lord shining through us. And people stop to think about our happiness in God and decide that they want whatever we have. The angels and God have a party in heaven for every believer (so the bible says) and I disagree completely that this is a secular song. In fact I love what this song implies about christianity

Me again to Diana others like | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 8/27/11

The only way this song relates to Jesus dieing for us is that we have to tell others about that wonderful story. I looked up this song espieally because it portrays witnessing. Arm or whoever you are exactly right and no, I think you can get the picture about who they're talking to is without mentioning the name

Love is more important than being dignified. | Reviewer: Matthew | 4/17/11

I know a lot of people sometimes get a bit riled up about church has to be serious. but the Bible is full of fun as well as serious, why did they think the disciples were drunk when they received the Holy Spirit? it's because they were acting drunk, if I speak in Spanish people say oh he knows Spanish, not "he's drunk" the Disciples were most likely goofing around and laughing and having a great time. we need to be just as careful to avoid having a religious spirit as we do to avoid falling into a worldly lifestyle. Religion is when it becomes more important to be right than it is to Love. Jesus Christ himself said the second greatest commandment was to love your neighbors, sorry but this includes those who have not yet been saved.

Party | Reviewer: Tina | 3/22/11

I have to say I had to google the lyrics to see what the song was all about. To say "that's where the party's at" made me think it was a rather "worldly" song. I don't think winning souls for Christ is considered a party. I think we need to be careful not to get too mixed up in what the world sees as okay and what Christ would have said would be okay. I too believe this would be more suited for the secular charts.

i loveeeeeeee.. this song | Reviewer: liana lie | 8/22/09

i never wrote any comment on anything in the net before,but this song is so awesome, i think i have to write something.it is surely very uplifting,reminding us of what should happened wherever we go if we're led by God.even the crooks repent and everything that is bad turns better.thank you newsboys.

pumped up my morning! | Reviewer: liz | 8/1/08

Driving to work this morning--I heard this song on the radio...and was seriously hoping they would mention the name of the song...when they didn't...i kept repeating the lyrics constantly in my head and googled it when I got home. This song is so positive and fresh! It's great! :) i loved how they used 'holla back now' lol...man...fo real. :) Lecrae would be so proud!

Get some perspective | Reviewer: stephen good | 6/26/08

In the early days of the Salvation Army they would go into bars and they would play "drinking songs" to which they had re-written the lyrics to point to the Gospel. Don't be silly - the Newsboys aren't trying to "get on the secular charts" - they are poking fun at secular artists who think that the party starts when they in their awesome celebrity wonderfulness show up - the Newsboys are saying that everything is fun and wonderful when they show up but that their egos and their talents and their enthusiasm has nothing to do with it - they just get to be there at the party that Jesus is throwing. These guys are just trying to do with this song what Veggietales did to the world of earnest flannel graph Sunday school lessons - blow it up and put somehting more real, more true and much more fun in its place. This song is hilarious and theologically correct, IMHO.

Where the party's at | Reviewer: God Follower | 1/24/08

I think this song is great for many reasons, one of them being that reminds us that God wants us to live life to the fullest and celebrate with other Christians... that's part of why we go to church. The christian party is whever there's praise and worship, because that's what we're made to do and that's where God is.
Psalm 9: 1-2 "I'm thanking you, God, from a full heart, I'm writing the book on your wonders.
I'm whistling, laughing, and jumping for joy;
I'm singing your song, High God." (message)

It's a curious thing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/08

I love the way they describe in the song how Jesus changes peoples' lives and then follow it up with the line, "It's a curious thing". It really describes the way many people try to denounce God in whatever way they can, yet isn't funny that when people turn to God things just seem to get better? I also like how it describes our duty to spread the good news.

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