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Metallica Wherever I May Roam Lyrics

Last updated: 07/12/2014 06:10:39 PM

(And the road becomes my bride)
And the road becomes my bride
I have stripped of all but pride
So in her I do confide
And she keeps me satisfied
Gives me all I need
And with dust in throat I crave
Only knowledge will I save
To the game you stay a slave
Rover, wanderer
Nomad, vagabond
Call me what you will
But I'll take my time anywhere
Free to speak my mind anywhere
And I'll redefine anywhere
Anywhere I roam
Where I lay my head is home
(And the earth becomes my throne)
And the earth becomes my throne
I adapt to the unknown
Under wandering stars I've grown
By myself but not alone
I ask no one
And my ties are severed clean
The Less I have the more I gain
Off the beaten path I reign
Rover, wanderer
Nomad, vagabond
Call me what you will
Yeah, you wi-i-i-ill
But I'll take my time anywhere
I'm free to speak my mind
and I'll take my time anywhere
Anywhere I roam
Where I lay my head is home
But I'll take my time anywhere
I'm free to speak my mind
And I'll take my time anywhere
Anywhere I may roam
Where I lay my head is home
That's right
But I'll take my time anywhere
I'm free to speak my mind
And I'll redefine anywhere
Anywhere I may roam
Where I lay my head is home
Carved upon my stone
My body lies, but still I roam,
Yeah yeah!
Wherever I may roam
Wherever I may roam
Wherever I may roam
Wherever I may roam
Wherever I may wander, wander,
Wherever I may roam
Yeah, yeah, wherever I may roam
Yeah, yeah, wherever I may roam
Wherever I may roam
Wherever I may roam

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Hymn of the free man | Reviewer: Jaguar | 7/12/14

To me, this is the hymn of the free man. The man who lives in his own terms, thinks the world belongs to him (And the earth becomes my throne), thinks he is capable of anything (I adapt to the unknown) , is self-sufficient (I ask no one) and is honest and transparent (Free to speak my mind anywhere. This song has become more than just "a song" to me... it's become my philosophy of life.

duck Dmitry | Reviewer: jesus | 5/4/14

Dmitry who the hell are you motherfucker to say get off this page you don't even know what you say i love all metallica songs not just the first 5 albuns somebody who don't like the other albums don't deserve to talk
l about them but if you think you can even do it better i would like listen it.

good song | Reviewer: flavio | 1/20/13

I think this is a good song which tries to stand out the importance of feeling free by hitting the road and travelling anywhere; any place can be considered "home" if you enjoy travelling, and you become a free wanderer who feels the whole world as his home.

Analysis | Reviewer: Coheed | 12/5/12

Well, I guess the song is a bit like Nothing Else Matters, if we talk about the content. Both songs have this deep feeling of being away from home, and that you need to find the little things while you are on the road to feel safe and warm, not to mension a place to rest. In Whereever I may roam he says "where I lay my head is home". This is surly a figurativly speach for saying that while you're away, you need to find small things to make the road home.

Wherever i may roam: | Reviewer: RBDG777 | 3/1/12

An excellent song. As to what message it portrays, i would have to say it is somewhat about Metallica themselves. Only because the music video of this song consists of clips of the band travelling and playing in all different locations. Just the same, it could be about exactly what the words portray, a nomadic wanderer who is free to do whatever he wishes.

review? | Reviewer: nick | 12/5/11

can these reviews be about the song, not the band itself please? i came here hoping for some good feedback on a soong i enjoy, and all i get is winers, haters, and everything inbetween. seriously? anyway, this song is great because it fleshes out what it realy means to be free, to roam whithout scrupulation or concensis. a master peice, and even better when done with the orcastra. bravo!

. | Reviewer: BONGZILLA | 4/27/11

Im sure James isnt even sure what the song is completely about. He wrote it a few minutes before they recorded the demo. But hey, every song is ment for each listener to take their own view upon the song and create their own meaning from it. As long as the lyrics are meaningful to you, thats all that matters

The song talks about the band itself | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/11

Your ideas are very good, no doubt, and I assume one of them really is the true meaning of those awesome lyrics (and not my idea), but it still is a creative idea.
The song talks about Metallica itself, and about how all their touring all over the world (including my small country, almost a year ago-long live Israel) made them feel like they belong just about everywhere... I know it's not very likely to be true, but at least it's pretty creative.

*sigh* | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/11

Dmitry, learn how to use punctuation. You completely mutilated that paragraph you wrote.
Florencia, you don't have to love everything from metallica to be their fan; I am a fan of metallica but I only like their first 5 albums. After the black album there are only a few songs I like. This is because I, along with many other people, am not a fan of auto tuning.
Regarding anyone who commented saying that metallica are not a good band (I don't know if anyone did because I cba to read all of the comments but I got the gist that someone did from some ragers) what are you even doing on this page? Look at yourself... are you happy? Are you happy about the fact that you NEED to try and piss someone off for your satisfaction? Are you proud?
Now, get off this page.

Love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/11

He is a ghost who wanders the land. He can do what he wants, when he wants. He takes his time because he has all the time in the world.

These lyrics should give it away:

"Carved upon my stone, my body lies, but still I roam".

Please read | Reviewer: Jack | 2/17/11

I don't know why you guys are all hating on people for saying that Metallica is their favorite band?!? Can't people have their own opinion? Whatever. I do have a question does any one else think this song is about a homeless guy??? Please respond!!!

¬¬ | Reviewer: Florencia | 2/4/11

Good times and bad times, we have them all. This will happen to you too Dmitry. It's clear that if you stop loving what they do (because they are old), it's because you've never been their fan.
You love something and you respect it 'cos it is huge, no matter time. That's the real thing.
I love them for what they've done and still do. They ROCK.
It's so easy to critize sometimes ...
I wish I had 50 and do that!!!♪

Long live Metallica fuckers!

im having a very deep thought. as usual. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/11

this song means this, simply..
wherever you put me. no matter what. with my mind, im going to rule. you can call me what you want, (look at the suggestions, decide what you want of them) but either way, im going to take my time. study, learn, and take over. because you can't stop me. im on a higher level. out of this world. so no matter what you say, i can rest easy. because i know, wherever i may roam, ive learned myself under these stars. and im not alone, because i know, someone else out there does. he knew, someone would understand these lyrics. its that simple. he is stating, im on a higher level. my mind is unbreakable. and no one can change that.

Douches... | Reviewer: | 12/26/10

Haha I was reading these dudes commenting on Metallica saying that they aren't the best... Of course they aren't for you, you aren't their fan. For me, they fucking are the best... There are only a few bands of the 80's who still rock, and one of 'em is Metallica. Alive and rocking.

Still a awesome live band. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/10

These guys rock live. Went to see em' back in Jan. of 09 and they just kicked ass. The place was packed full of metal heads that night and it was awesome. Hope they comeback to Boston real soon! Best band ever. End of story.