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Keyshia Cole Where This Love Could End Up Lyrics

Last updated: 01/12/2009 11:00:00 AM

Can I come over and chill
I wanna talk to you for a minute

When we met
(we took our time)
I wanna talk to you
(for a little while)
It seems we have so much in common, yeah
(and a peace of mind)
Is what I get when I'm with you
I can't wait until I see your face again
(I guess that's why)

(there ain't no tellin)
Where this love could end up
(See boy you never know)
Maybe, baby, we could see
(there ain't no telling)
Where this love could end up
(up up up up)
(up up up up)

See, baby I was thinking
Maybe next time
(we could watch a movie together)
Just enjoy each other's company
(I wanna look into your eyes)
And see what you're all about
(what kinda things you like)
Take the time, don't rush
I wanna take it slow
I guess that's why


Everyday, Oh
Do you know you make me smile
When I hear your voice
And time you come around
I get this....I get this
Funny feeling, maybe that
(maybe that we could see)
Apparently, we feel eachother
And, I..I...I
(I...I don't want this feeling to go away)
So baby,

You wanna know
Where this love could end up

CHORUS (Adlibbed)