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So wake up sleepy one
It's time to save your world

Steal dreams and give to you
Shoplift a thought or two
All children touch the sun
Burn fingers one by one
By one

Will this earth be good to you?
Keep you clean or stain through?

So wake up sleepy one
It's time to save your world
You're where the wild things are
Yeah, toy soldiers off to war

Big eyes to open soon
Believing all under sun and moon
But does heaven know you're here?
And did they give you smiles or tears
No, no tears

Will this earth be good to you?
Keep you clean or stain through?

So wake up sleepy one
It's time to save your world
You're where the wild things are
Yeah, toy soldiers off to war

You swing your rattle down
(Hand puppets storm the base
Flags up now cannons rage
Hand puppets storm the base)
Call to arms the trumpets sound
(Flags up now cannons rage
All clowns head for the rear
Slingshots fire to the air
All clowns head for the rear)
Toy horses start the charge
(Slingshots fire to the air
Slip into the edge of death
Crossfire to the marionettes)
Robot chessmen standing guard
(Slip into the edge of death
Crossfire to the marionettes)
(all together)
We shall never surrender

All you children touch the sun
Burn your fingers one by one
Will this earth be good to you?
Keep you clean or stain through?

So wake up sleepy one
It's time to save your world
You're where the wild things are
Now, toy soldiers off to war
Off to war
Off to war....

So close your little eyes

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Lot of things to think about | Reviewer: A Girl that will never grow up | 1/1/14

Well, right now it's night and I've decided to write some thoughts about this song.

It is amazing how one song can wake up so many thoughts.

As I'm listening this song when everybody in my family is asleep it really creeps me out. Well, it is what Metallica songs usually do to me.

To me this song has an atmosphere of dark and wild forest where a child was lost. At the same time I am thinking about war which takes lives both young and old. Music of guitars is dark and mysterious whereas drums sound to me like little toy soldiers. At the start we hear "All children touch the sun" but then at the end we have a slight change "All YOU children". It tells us that this could happen to anybody.

There are many more things I could talk about but actually there are too many.
Overall it is another song challenging you to find its meaning.

We're the wild things are | Reviewer: Enio | 4/7/13

Well. I was about 18 when this album came out. Not the black, not Justice, not Master, not Kill'm all. Buy yet none of these have anything in common with each other, and so you see people grow up with you just like you do.
We all touched the sun, we all burnt fingers one by one or all in one.
Listening to it 18 years later still got some grip on me. My fingers did heal eventually buy some lil me out there is doing it.
This song is about the innocence of the free and unspoiled spirit of young lil punks that do straighten the selfs out at some point in time. Very James Hatfield and me...
Love it.

awesome but a little creepy | Reviewer: Nick | 11/7/12

I love this song, but I couldn't figure out the lyrics until I looked them up.
Yeah... creepy as shit. Now I keep picturing a three-year-old Napoleon with a rattle, and toys being massacred, by each other. it makes no sense to me, but damn, it gives me chills. i'm not even gonna try and get deep into some kind of philsophical meaning. this song keeps me thinking about it, and that's enough for me.

METALLICA RULE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/12

I LOVE metallica my dad Got me listening to them when i was about 1-2 months old and this song always gets to me i can relate to it because when first listened to it i would play around with toy action figgers and play war and what not, and now my eyes are open to the real world.
I wounder what metallica meant the song to mean?

Metallica have given me insperation my entire life i may not have of been alive long only 14 years but i still almost worship them. Im so glad they are still rocking out they are the orginal band there is nothing better than metallica just try and think of something better than metallica's music if you can you dont get them.

Children Touch the Sun | Reviewer: Amabex | 10/11/10

All you children touch the sun
Burn your fingers one by one
Will this earth be good to you?
Keep you clean or stain through? Some of you said this song has no meaning...imagine a kid watchin a bomb explode in his face extend his arm to shield from the light and all he can do is get burned and die...the earth scorched is it good...people when we go to war...where do you think the childred of the bombed country go...the die!!

Great song | Reviewer: Steve the pirate | 1/27/10

I have been listening to metallica since i was three and this song really has a great meaning to me my outlook on this song is like johnny's opinion
I love metallica
Keep on rockin forever
Little advice never quit

awesome song!! | Reviewer: Nobody | 12/22/09

So I'm probably going to their concert for the first time of my life :D Yaay... I can't wait for it!! I practicaly have the tickets, now there's only 5 months to wait... LoL
This song is so amazing... completely different, if you don't think about it the text seems stupid, like a mentally challenged person wrote it, but us who actually have brains dig it XD It's so deep actually... I think every person deserves to understand it their own way...
ROCK ON METALLICA!!! You've gotta <3 'em :D

A Meaning | Reviewer: Johnny | 11/1/09

I am a huge Metallica fan and I have been my entire life. This song seems to me like James is saying that our parents give us all this stuff and they dont prepare us for the torture the real world is. I know I might be wrong but I thats what I think.

The correct explanation | Reviewer: tlow5150 | 8/14/09

HELLO! People!!!! Where the Wild Things are is a childrens book. The artisit who illustrated the book also has designed the christmas scene windows at Macys stores. Meallica nails it yet again! One will be hard pressed to find any musical act or group who alludes to literature, art, and philosophy(religion falls in there) as well as Metallica.

Wild things - Great load song | Reviewer: wasniahC | 4/10/09

I held mixed feelings for the Load album the first time I listened to it; songs like this didn't seem to be real metallica music to me. However, I love this song all the same; the chorus has a very strong feel, if an anticlimactic finish to it.

I think the lyrics try and convey some of the childhood innocence and aspirations, but more importantly the horrors of realisations; children who "touch the sun" burn fingers, and describing warlike visions with mere toys. Children grow to realise nobody can aspire to perfection, and that there will be turmoil in life.

The song strikes a chord with me, and I would certainly recommend listening to it even if you aren't really a metallica fan.

wild thangs | Reviewer: Kurt | 7/16/07

yeah this i have to agree is a totally awesome song. a lot slower and more bluesy than their old stuff, u could even say psykadelic i guess...rock on

Wild Things | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/06

THis is a really really good song, i agree, the riff is really catchy, its nothin like their old stuf, but hey, i love their new stuf :D

erm.. | Reviewer: james | 7/4/04

i like yhis song, i also like just about all of the album its off, unlike most people but their just no fun. i believe the lyrics to be marvellous and has a really good riff to catch you.

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