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J.K Where I Belong Lyrics

Last updated: 09/25/2013 07:31:46 AM

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Keith [Verse 1]

Will it ever pay?
Will l find a way?
Cause I'm stuck here rapping like everyday.
I let them party on.
I never come along.
Sitting in a corner tryna figure out another song.
Do I belong to this world that I see?
The doors to success I'm just looking for the key.
I've always been the same, my friends say I changed.
I put on a smile to cover up the pain.
Hey ma, whenever you cry.
I try not to show it, but it hurts me inside.
See every time, I remember what you said.
You told me be a doctor, I'm doing this instead.
If they play me on the radio, maybe on the TV.
If i had a show, would people wanna see me?
Rapping on stage, will my music ever age.
My future in my hands staring at a blank page.


Where I belong, will meet at the horizon.
Where I belong, in the distance. x2

James [Verse 2]

The sun is out, Im looking at the stars.
Im laying down thinking will I go far?
Im still here, its difficult to start.
Dad I wanna make you proud, its kinda getting hard.
Heavy shoulders as I grow older,
Life's getting hard even summer seems colder.
Mom take a look, your son is a man now.
Never try to fit in, cause i was born to stand out.
Every quest starts with a step.
They say money talks and i feel like a deaf.
I move on like there is nothing on my path.
And i try to live on like tomorrow is my last.
But I won't stop till the end.
Im trynna make it out all I got is a pen.
Im still the same spreading out my wings.
Got a pocket full of coins so I'm coming with a change.


Where I belong, will meet at the horizon.
Where I belong, in the distance. x2

Thanks to doogo

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