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Jim Reeves Where Do I Go From Here Lyrics

Last updated: 10/22/2014 06:10:05 PM

Where do I go from here?
What fate is drawing near?
Touch my heart
And guide my lips in prayer.

Through the grace of God alone
I'll cast aside these fears I've known
And lift myself from
The depths of deep dispair.

Lead me through the darkness
And through each gloomy day.
Take my hand, oh, precious Lord
And help me on my way.

Give me strength that I might find
Abiding faith and peace of mind
And I won't ask
Where do I go from here?

Please, Lead me through the darkness
And through each gloomy day.
Take my hand, oh, precious Lord
And help me on my way.

Give me strength that I might find
Abiding faith and peace of mind
And I won't ask
Where do I go from here?

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My brother demes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/14

iI am loosing my last livings brother to cancer. sitting here in my home thinking about him and all the times we spent together from childhood and .thinking about not being able to see him or talk to him hurts. we shared many a good time with laughter and fun . Many a time with anger between us . Many a sad time many a day working together talking about our hopes and dreams .but now so soon death is at the door . No more will I be able to see him. but only looking at a picture of him or in my memory. we are boyhood growing old and time is passing by faster each year and I have let time pass me by without telling him how he has meant to me as a friend and a brother. as I awoke this morning a heavy feeling of despair was in my soul and I was thinking where do I go from here and I picked up the laptop and typed. its where do I go from here? not having any thought about what would pull up. I have listened to many of Jim reeves songs but as I read the lyrics I can't remember the song and to say I was taken back .is to say the least. I 'll go on and I will always remember him as he was and what we will say to each other before the end when God takes him home to be with him . Brad lanthier

I don't think it should be reviewed | Reviewer: I prefer not to give it | 9/11/14

I was a teenager Jim Reeves came to my evil country back then in late 60's, He happened to be in Johannesburg City one afternoon giving out for free the old 45pieces of his records in front of a music shop, I raised my hand in front of him trying to get myself one he looked at me once raised his hand and gave a some white guys behind me I got into the shop and bought one. I played this particular track over and over in teas and forgave. him

Highly inspirational | Reviewer: Joy Allwell | 11/25/13

Here comes my best song ever. It always remindes me of a loving father who really listens and cares for his children. It comes to my lips whenever i feel depressed, overwhelmed and discouraged. Its a song that serves as an eazy means of communication to God. Singing this song has always left traces of tears to my eyes but it has also strenghtened me over n over again. Shalom

Ma most inspirational song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/13

I had dis captivated music when i was young but i couldn't beable to adopt d lyrics like as it is nw but i thank God dat where do i go from here by jim reeves is my source of comfort & inspiring sony to me in time of sorrow and agony of life, it always rememba me dat there is anoda life ahead of us no matter wat u may transpire over here. i love this.

A true inspiration from God himself | Reviewer: Bless the Lord | 8/23/13

English is not my native language. From the first time I heard this song I get the deep spiritual message of it calling my soul to pray unto him than sink in the depth of despair. I can say nothing but it is a true inspiration from God himself, that said pray unto me and I shall answer you.

A reminder of God's sustaining grace | Reviewer: UG Okezie | 7/28/13

Jim's song "where do I go from here" is a reminder of God's sustaining grace in the times of troubles and sorrow. This grace is the reason any believer would ever be able to stand strong in his/her faith in the face of deep sorrow and agony.

A Song For The Hour | Reviewer: Dawn | 7/2/13

As I sat in meditation this morning and tried to get a perspective on the challenges we are facing, this song came to my mind. I remember listening to this song over 30 years ago on my dad's stereo. Thank God and Jim Reeves for this song. Being at this juncture of difficulty and uncertainty, I am asking God, "Where do I go from here?" Only He can give the right direction; therefore, I wait for his guidance.

Where do i go from here | Reviewer: Emeka stanley | 6/12/13

I became a victim of circumstance on the 27th day of January 2013, i nearly killed myself but when i attentively listened to this song. I developed more hope and faith in God. I thank God for this inspirational song of jim Reeves

Hope | Reviewer: Jeri | 3/5/12

After a soul-deep sorrowful event, I surprised myself by watching a movie on a Christian t.v. station last night - it seemed to have a message just for me at this agonizing time in my life. I spoke with God and gained perspective. Then out of the blue "where do I go from here" popped into my head, remembered suddenly from long ago. Thank you God for giving me Hope, thank you God for giving me my lifemate, Thom, who is 48 today; thank you God for giving me life.

Deep song | Reviewer: mavis | 9/27/11

I listened to this song as a father loved Jim reeves. Often I would sing along on other songs. Today am in a new and difficult situation and as I sat and thought..Yes Lord where do I go from here, I remembered I used to know a song that asked that question. !Then I was a child but now I see clearly and deeply appreciate the words of this song!

James Travis' songs | Reviewer: Mobi Nnanna | 4/3/11

James Travis Reeves has been my best country music singer ever since i was a little boy. He's also my role model. My dad used to play is songs on the big old skul plate, and when i starts to think of it, especially where do i go from here?, i begin to thank God that someone like him existed. When ever i listens to his musics, i begin to mourn him. But thank God that with the help of his inspirational songs i can make brand new ones. He's really a gift to me from God :)

Where do I go from here | Reviewer: Marita Robinson | 4/28/10

I have grown up with hearing Jim Reeves on the radio he sings with meaning/passion. I love this song this morning I just find myself singing the word and I am really touched as I know God is my guide through lifes problem. Hallelujah.

Inspirational song | Reviewer: oludare olorunfemi | 1/18/10

I have listened to many songs from Jim Reeves. He is truly an inspirational singer. I cannot but repeat the songs again and again. 'Where do I go from here' portrays the fraility of mankind. You need the Lord to guide through life's journey.

Where do I go from here | Reviewer: David | 12/13/09

This is probably my favorite Jim Reeves song. A true rare jem. What passion and conviction in his voice. I am 53 and pull the album "We Thank Thee" out every Christmas when I am decorating the family Tree. Life throws us all many unexpected bumps in the road, but with God we can know that He is in control and wishes us peace and love Jerrimiah 29:11

A Hard to Find Treasure | Reviewer: Bryan | 7/10/08

As a child I sang along with this song everytime I heard it on the BBC Radio. Now I am a Christian Soloist and find myself searching for the Piano/Guitar music to go with these most spiritual words ever written.