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Billy Joel Where's The Orchestra? Lyrics

Last updated: 11/24/2010 10:00:00 AM

Where's the orchestra?
Wasn't this supposed to be a musical?
Here I am in the balcony
How the hell could I have missed the overture?
I like the scenery
Even though I have absolutely no
Idea at all
What is being said
Despite the dialogue
There's the leading man
The movie star who never faced an audience
Where's the orchestra?
After all
This is my big night on the town
My introduction to the theater crowd
I assumed that the show would have a song
So I was wrong
At least I understand
All the innuendo and the irony
And I appreciate
The roles the actors played
The point the author made
And after the closing lines
And after the curtain calls
The curtain falls
On empty chairs
Where's the orchestra?

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23 Years after it's release this song popped into my head.... | Reviewer: Tony O'Donnell | 5/2/2006

You know a song is great when (1) You haven't heard it for a very long time, and (2) Out of nowhere it pops into your mind and you can't get it out of your head.

This song, both lyrics and music, is brilliant!

Thanks, with a lot of your work, I find that I enjoy the lesser known and publicized pieces much more than those that climbed the charts.

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