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Toni Childs Where's The Light Lyrics

Last updated: 10/23/2001 07:39:32 PM

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well, I'm addicted boy
and now I want some peace
but I don't think the money's
gonna take away the need

and yes I'm hurting girl
but you won't see it much
cause it's the stuff we don't let out
it's what you will not touch

what it is now heart
what we need to find
it seems we're all looking for
some peace of mind

where's the light, where's the light
in the darkness of my life
where's the light, where's the light
in the darkness there is no light

to be satisfied
to go underground
to swim inside the ocean
descend to the profound
to reach the bedrock
a guest
a psychic death
a wild thought
I just caught
would this be the end
can you help me now
can you tell me please
how to find some peace and relief

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