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2Pac When the heart Turns Cold Lyrics

Last updated: 07/17/2005 11:00:00 AM

[Sonia Sanchez]
When your heart turns cold
I say, when your heart turns cold
it causes your soul to freeze
It spreads, throughout yo' spirit
like a, ruthless, feeling disease
The walls, the walls that once were down
now stand firm and tall, safe from hate love pain joy
until you feel nothing at all
When, your heart turns cold
I say, when your heart turns cold
A baby's cry, means nothing
A dead corpose is tri-vial
Mother's neglecting children is daily
Loneliness, becomes your routine friend
Death death death seems like tranquility
Sleeping is never pleasant
if you even sleep at all all all
You forget ideals and, turn off the reason
to make sure the product gets sold
You don't UNDERSTAND how I behave, just wait
I say just WAIT WAIT WAIT til your heart
I say til your hearts turns COLD!
HA HA! Cold! Cold, cold, cold.. collllld..

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