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Opeth When Lyrics

Last updated: 10/19/2013 08:14:39 AM

Red sun rising,
somewhere through the dense fog.
The portrait of the jaded dawn,
who had seen it all before.

This day wept on my shoulders.
Still the same as yesterday.
This path seems endless, body is numb.
The soul has lost its flame.
Walking in familiar traces
to find my way back home.

So there I was.
Within the sobriety of the immortals.
A semblance of supernatural winds passing through.
The garden sighs, flowers die.

The gate was closed that day,
but I was bound to carry on.
She could not see me through the windows.
In dismay, strangest twist upon her lips.
Graven face, she said my name.

Once inside I heard whispers in the parlor.
The gilded faces grin, aware of my final





And I cried,
I knew she had lied.
Her obsession had died,
it had died.

When can I take you from this place?
When is the word but a sigh?
When is death our lone beholder?
When would we walk the final steps?
When can we scream instead of whisper?
When is the new beginning,
and the end of this sad MADRIGAL.

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Pretty amazing | Reviewer: buttstamp | 10/19/13

This is the second best song off the album and is pure poetry. To settle the debate, Opeth is actually Progressive Death Metal, or Technical Death Metal. They Are just excellent with brutal death growls, and crystal clear clean vocals. A masterpiece of a band.

When... can I hear this song again? | Reviewer: therealmetalman | 2/6/13

I feel the pain in this song and it speaks to me. I stare out the window as when plays and I ask myself...

When can I finally convince my mom that metal is good?
When will this song be played at my school dance?
When will my antivalues be understood by Society as being worth something? **thx cru93 that's a great word**

Someday...but until then my life is just...




opeth genre | Reviewer: Metalman | 10/27/09

Opeth is a unique band, I dont think there is going to be any band in the future like Opeth...ever...
so anyways, Opeth is not a black metal band nor a death metal band, Opeth is proggressive metal with death metal influences, especially at the brutal vocals.

.. | Reviewer: Casey | 8/20/09

They're not a death metal band per se; I like to classify them more as black progressive metal, as the guy below me said. But they are just such a talented band. Not many bands can make a 14:10 minute song interesting throughout (In Mist She Was Standing), but these guys pull it off flawlessly. Mikael Akerfeldt has one of the best growls I've heard, and his singing voice is just amazing.

I agree to you,.. | Reviewer: DSreT | 6/24/09

..but i wouldn't sicribe them as a deathmetal band..

..Well, personally i hate all these categories, to classify every band correct in any off all the styles of music taht exists....

..but I like it to call them something beetween black metal and some mor progressive stuff.

(english is not my native language)

Beautiful | Reviewer: crv93 | 5/24/09

It's really hard to find a beautiful band in death metal, but i think Opeth is it. I mean, their riffs, their solos, their acoustic interludes, and their lyrics all blend toegether to make beautiful songs that speak of pain or other human antivalues (i think that's a word). And Their voices. Never have i heard such a beautiful death growl...such a painful one. And their clean singing is even better. Its like angels singing. One of the great rock bands of our time.