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Prince When You Were Mine Lyrics

Last updated: 02/22/2006 11:00:00 AM

When U were mine
I gave U all of my money
Time after time
U done me wrong
It's just like a train
U let all my friends come over and eat
And U were so strange
U didn't have the decency 2 change the sheets

Oh girl, when U were mine
I used 2 let U wear all my clothes
U were so fine (So fine)
Maybe that's the reason that it hurt me so

I know (I know) that U're going with another guy
I don't care (don't care) cuz I love U, baby, that's no lie
I love U more than I did when U were mine

When U were mine
U were kindasorta my best friend
So I was blind (So blind)
I let U fool around
I never cared (Didn't care)
I never was the kind 2 make a fuss
When he was there
Sleeping in between the 2 of us


When U were mine
U were all I ever wanted 2 do
Now I spend my time
Following him whenever he's with U


When U were mine, oh no
Love U, baby, love U, baby

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