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Bryan Adams When You Love Someone Lyrics

Last updated: 01/31/2010 10:00:00 AM

When you love someone - you'll do anything
you'll do all the crazy things that you can't explain
you'll shoot the moon - put out the sun
when you love someone

you'll deny the truth - believe a lie
there'll be times that you'll believe you can really fly
but your lonely nights - have just begun
when you love someone

when you love someone - you'll feel it deep inside
and nothin else can ever change your mind
when you want someone - when you need someone
when you love someone...

when you love someone - you'll sacrifice
give it everything you got and you won't think twice
you'll risk it all - no matter what may come
when you love someone
you'll shoot the moon - put out the sun
when you love someone

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I did all... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/10

yes I did all bryan said in this song, I did crazy thing, I did anything, n I keep chasing on him wether it's right or wrong?
just a classic story when we love someone, but by this song combine with bryan amazing voice it made this song really good...

love this song... :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/10

the message of this song is very true. i can relate... i experienced everything the song mentioned of how it feels when you love someone... this will be my song for the one i really love the most...

great | Reviewer: fuad ade I | 6/9/07

I dont know what I must say for this song.
I think this song can make our people remember someone.

when you love someone | Reviewer: saul | 5/10/07

enjoy this song, llega hasta el fondo del alma I love

The best love song Ive ever heard | Reviewer: Kenneth | 5/10/07

I wonder who wrote this song. No matter who is he has identified the real feeling of love. I very much appreciate the lyrics and the melody of this song. Its great.

Cuando amas a Alguien(tu amorcito) | Reviewer: Melvin Flores | 4/26/07

Espero ke la letra d esta cancion t guste tanto como ami....sabes k t kiero mucho y daria mi propia vida importa el momento y la distancio yo siempre t amare....bye t amo...Amorcito d mi vida....kiero volver a beber d ti...d tus labios benditos...t amo lo ovlides....spro k todo esto signifike mas ke algo para ti...bye I love you so much.

moca | Reviewer: monica | 2/13/07

i love this song very much.i feel it.