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Steve Earle When You Fall In Love Lyrics

Last updated: 08/28/2001 06:43:33 AM

(never released by Steve - recorded by Johnny Lee)
There'll be a rainbow around the moon
You'll fall apart when you hear that tune
Every day will end too soon
When you fall in love
You'll get weak in the knees when you see her smile
You try your best to hid it ‘cause it's not your style
You let it get you cryin' like a little child
When you fall in love

When you fall in love
It's out of your hands
It gets into your heart
It changes your plans
But you'll only understand
When you fall in love

The summer breeze will chill you to the bone
You'll walk the floor ‘til the break of dawn
Sometimes you'll feel so alone
When you fall in love
And you won't notice, but the day that it shows
That light'll follow you wherever you go
And that's how you'll know
When you fall in love

Chorus x 4