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Westlife When You're Looking Like That Lyrics

Last updated: 02/15/2014 05:22:21 PM

When you're looking like that
She's a 5 foot 10 in catsuit and bambi eyes
Everybody's who's staring wouldn't believe that this girl was mine
I should have know I was wrong
When I left her for a life in pity
But they say you never miss the water until it's gone

Guess I failed to love you
And you're taking it out tonight

How am I supposed to leave you now
When you're looking like that?
I can't believe what I just gave away
Now I can't take it back
I don't wanna get lost
I don't wanna live my life without you
How am I supposed to leave you now
When you're looking like that?

She's all dressed up for glamour and rock and roll
Wanna squeeze her real tight get out of this place
If only I could take control

But she is out of my reach forever
And just a week ago she lied next to me
It's so ironic how I had to lose just
To see that I fail to love you
And you're taking it out tonight

I don't wanna forget you
I don't even wanna try
How am I supposed to walk on by when you're looking like that?

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love westlife | Reviewer: freak | 2/16/14

i LOVE YOU WESTLIFE ............... YOU GUYZ ARE SO CUTE . myself and my friend sing this song often . really great song a really wonderful meaning . in fact real life happenings .... learn from it boys!

Cofession | Reviewer: Kumun Aondover | 10/13/13

When you're looking like that is confession cause every bit of the song shows the lady how the singer was and how painful he feels to let her go.
Infact it reminds me of my past how I missed my beb and felt her presence to tell her how I love her.

this song remembers me of my life story | Reviewer: evans | 9/26/13

the word 'Everybody's who's staring wouldn't believe that this girl was mine' it takes me back to my school age time. How people look at me and my girl, thinking that i may not be able have such pretty and shaming lady.

iloveu | Reviewer: senate | 9/4/13

like when i hear your voices i feel like i am over the moon,over the rainbow when you sing is like i am hearing an angel calling my name but as truly speaking i love u guys especially MARK ooh his mouth and eyes they are so beautiful any way bye LOVE U

06/08/2013 | Reviewer: rasulviray | 6/8/13

i like it cause i remember my girlfriend was gone.and i see in other years by pass i see it in school.and i ask why you leave me?.she said im sorry cause my problem is my family.

How am i supposed to walk | Reviewer: Twonder | 11/26/12

Ooh westlife!!i love you so much,i love you with every thing i have.Guys,your songs remind me my girl friend.She leaved me because i was poor but i believe one day,we'll meet again.

When you're looking like that | Reviewer: Deyo | 6/18/12

4 me,,, all of westlife song is good,,, if I hear their song it makes me feel so happy n it reminds me of my girl friend n past when I still live in ambon. I fancy that,,, although my english is bad but I never give up 2 hear their song,,,,

You raise me up | Reviewer: Zininzi | 4/28/12

When I am down and all my soul surround me and troubles come and my heart burden me And I am still I'm waiting here in the silence until you come and sit a while with me CHORUS You raise me up so I can stand up mountains You raise me up to walk on stormy seas I am strong when I am on your sholders You raise me up to more than I can be. (REPEAT)

Drive | Reviewer: Mgotywa Princess | 4/27/12

Its easy to fool around Its harder to keep the faith but I wanna settle down no matte what it takes If I ever break your heart If I ever do you wrong I hope I never get you cause to doubt where you belong If a million mile were between us I want you to know If I had to (CHORUS) Drive all day I take that flight across this ocean I'm coming home ton

I reviewer micheal. I love westlife cos they are so handsome. | Reviewer: Micheal | 3/13/11

Actually, is not my favourite song, but anytime i here dis song compose by westlife, it touches my heart and i know hw i feel 4rm d depth of my heart wen i listen 2 dis song and It also makes me 2 4get my past. I love u all. Thanks

when you looking like that | Reviewer: marvin | 8/6/09

i luv westlife song...
ill be waiting for coming back ...
westlife will be back in year 2010...

westlife fans....
add me
also to my yahoo mail...
its same ...
tnx luv you westlife o_O

owh..umm.. i luv westlife so much ever after... and exactly all d' personil in westlife. the're so handsome | Reviewer: riiva | 4/6/08

i luv westlife so much ever after...
and exactly all d' personil in westlife.
they're so handsome..
and if i looked at them,
or listened to their songs,
it can bring me into my past,
when i was gathered with my family..
and it brings the happines alone..

i miss you all !!

a little westlife fan | Reviewer: lourey may | 11/9/07

when you're looking like that!wel, honestly its not my fave song but everytime i hear this song it reminds me of my special sum1 ryt now,he always sing this song..

thank you | Reviewer: bwita ishanga | 7/23/07

i just want you to help me and tel me the real meaning of this song because i like it so much but i really dont know its meaning

kablaaammmmmhhhh!!!! | Reviewer: shanmai | 6/12/07

gosh!!this song really captivate my heart...coz each words relates me from my past life...

how i wish i cud.....
..OH!!!"how am i supoose to live you now when you're looking like that!!....