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LeAnn Rimes When This Woman Loves A Man Lyrics

Last updated: 08/07/2007 11:00:00 AM

Looks like she really did you in
You're a broken hearted lover
Just tryin' to recover
You need to find a place to mend
All your time ain't necessary
But I don't wanna be a temporary thing
Gimme just half a chance

When this woman loves a man
She'll do anything she can
To keep the fire alive in your soul
And when all the chips are down
I'm still gonna be the one around
To build you up and be your friend
When this woman loves
When this woman loves a man

Dont play it cool, no don't be shy
Oh there's no need to worry
No I'm not in a hurry
So let your conscience be your guide boy
Come here and let me show you
Just how much I adore you
Let me help you understand

[repeat chorus 2x]

When this woman loves
When this woman loves a man

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when this woman loves a man | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/2007

I knew LeAnn had a great voice and this song reveals its magnificence. The song is perfect for her and I can't believe that a single of it has not been pulled from the album. I cannot believe anyone hearing this song would not believe it to be outstanding. Her voice is amazing, her rendition is excellent and the song is terrific.

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