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I thought you'd come back at least i prayed (so i prayed)
the romance has been dead (the romance is dead, the romance is dead)
for years (you come back)
but i've been too afraid to dig the grave (so i prayed)
relief support never came

memories carry me through the day
of when we were kids
and angels came to watch us play

close my eyes, just for tonight
the sun still sleeps, and when she wakes
close my eyes, just for tonight
the sun still sleeps, and when she wakes

a movie that plays in my mind
remembering you helps me survive
every day a re-run of the next
i promised to stay by your side
that all would change, i can't complain
another victim of the game

close my eyes, just for tonight
the sun still sleeps, and when she wakes
close my eyes, just for tonight
the sun still sleeps, and when she wakes

maybe love will FIND us again
for there is always tomorrow
sincerely till the end
close my eyes just for tonight
the sun still sleeps and when she wakes,
close my eyes just for tonight
the sun still sleeps and when she wakes

close my eyes, just for tonight
the sun still sleeps, and when she wakes
close my eyes, just for tonight
the sun still sleeps, and when she wakes

you'll be a memory (be a memory)
you'll be a memory (be a memory)
you'll be a memory (be a memory)
you'll be a memory!! (Memory, memory, memory)

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Meaningful Song | Reviewer: Ellytyson Anyi | 12/2/12

The first time i hear the song it's like, 'OKAY'. But after my breakup with the one i loved, its been in my playlist ever since, it got a meaningful lyrics that makes me fall. The lyrics was so deep that i never forget the memories. :') Thanks from me to the greatest band.

love this track | Reviewer: Mikey Caliban | 5/20/12

The first time i heard this track was a couple of years back.i remember i almost hit the next button as it started but something stopped me..i have no idea what it was,but I'll ever be greatful to it for not letting me hit the next button..

great song,deep message by a great band.love Underoath till death do us part.

pain | Reviewer: david wright | 10/10/11

I had a girl tell me that she loved me when we were seeing eachother and then she leaves me for my best friend. that hurt more thatn anything i felt before. This song is the one thing that helped me through that time and to this day i listen to it not in memory of my pain but for the fact that it helped me and its an amazing song.

Sincerely to the end | Reviewer: Kaleb | 6/19/11

Only a week ago I had the girl I love (who I've never dated) tell me that she gave her heart to another guy she just met..we've been talking for months and it absolutely crushed me. She lives far away from me, but I had plans to move up by her in college and everything..I would give up the future I planned just to be with her and hold her every night. She says this guy is "the one"..
I know love could find us again because we always had a connection (I could see it in her eyes), but there is an end for everything, whether it be for a certain period of time or forever. To the present day she's only a memory to me..a memory of what could've been, and what I wasn't to her..
Since that day, I haven't been able to get this song out of my mind. It's a truly amazing piece of work.

Good lyrics | Reviewer: chewbacca | 6/12/11

This song relates to me when my first love who'd come back 2 me now after 7 years we broke up and separated after i moved hundred miles away.since that she'd been together with some assholes who always beat her face & ass up.how sad.the phrase 'love will find us again' is totally have a strong meaning.this song's great!

Maybe love will find us again | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/10

I love this song. I spend my days wishing that someone great would walk into my life, or I'll regain connection with certain people from my past that I found amazing and dearly miss. My life's motto is: "Maybe love will find us again, for there is always tomorrow." I probably think about this every day. Thanks Underoath for giving me hope. I hope that someday I'll be able to say that the line in the song came true for me.

No | Reviewer: Themisinformer | 8/6/10

He says the romance is dead. if you are bonein god then maybe this could be about god, but otherwise romance is the feeling between 2 human beings that is intertwined in many different feelings, like that of Lust, Sex, touching and feeling someone. Look with your Heart not your mind people.

He meant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/10

The Vocalist that Screams by Unclean. who doesnt have the "Clean" vocals to put it. He didnt mean anything that had to do with someone being perfect or saved. oh and btw this is Dallas not Spencer incase anyone was wondering or didnt know. Awesome song absolutely love it and it was the first song that got me hooked on Underoath

Unclean? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/10

What do you mean by Unclean? Everybody in this world is Unclean, even though Spencer is not entirely the good guys in Underoath, does not mean he is the Unclean one. Just so you know, everyone is born Unclean that is why we get baptized.

Anyway, this song is one of the greatest Underoath songs I have heard. I have yet to listen to their new albums but this old song is quite meaningful. I do agree Underoath writes songs about God, but maybe not always. Because I really do see this song as a break up song.

Underoath - People - Whatever | Reviewer: Bleeding Oasis | 5/6/10

I'm sorry but I cannot stand it when people misspell Underoath... People always think that there is something special behind the name, I am from North Carolina, Greensboro to be exact, does that ring a bell? Spencer Chamberlain is from Greensboro, in which he is the lead unclean vocalist for Underoath at the time. The name was found from, 'Somewhere in the Bible.' As quoted by their first Unclean Vocalist, Dallas Taylor. So please spell the name correctly, its Underoath, and no other variant.

On a second note, both of you two arguing people are correct. Underoath's songs are written about God, always, but they also ALL have an underlying meaning.
The underlying meaning in this one is that; A) People have lost touch with God, as says Bassmastapotamus, and B) That this is a break up song, but that isnt entirely true. You see, the speaker in this song, be they male or female, has been mistreated by their boyfriend/girlfriend, therefore leaving them with only memories of what they used to have. IE: 'You'll be a memory.'

To the person below me.. | Reviewer: Thomas | 3/29/10

There is no "wrong aspect" of any piece of poetry. Poetry is meant to be open for interpretation; we as readers find ourselves in unique strings of words, where others would not. We read and connect to our own memories and make it our own.

The hopeless | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/10

Everyone has the wrong aspect of this song... This song is about the coming of jesus christ, and he is praying that his love will find the people of the earth again. "I thought you'd come back at least i prayed" The second coming of christ. People think that faith is a game, that praying does nothing. saying he is a victim of the "game" is saying he prayed and nothing came of it, however he is going to keep god in his memories. This is not a break up song, and should not be viewed as such.

the point? | Reviewer: Bassmastapotamus | 1/3/10

a lot of people see this as a break-up/heartbreak song,which don't get me wrong it is beautiful for one,but i think it is more of a song about a guy who has lost connnection to God.Only because back in the day when Dallas Tyler was in UnderOATH i believe they were more on the religious aspect of their music.

Wow | Reviewer: Logan L. | 12/4/09

I was dumped by the one girl Ive cared the most about in my whole life. That was 3 months ago and I'm just starting to be able to function normally. Anyway she made me a mix tape the day we broke up and I couldn't quite understand the lyrics to this song so I just looked them up- I can't say it was a good thing bc now Idk what to think. She told me she still had feelings for me but it just wouldn't work out. And now this..."maybe love will find us again". Idk. I love the song tho. Stay strong evreybody. It doesn't seem like it, but the gut renching feeling fades

wow.. | Reviewer: anna.. | 11/18/09

this song is frkn beautiful. anyone can totally relate to it. i know i can. in so many levels, its crazy. i couldnt help myself and just read what all you guys have written and man, its like so many of MY own thoughts are written down here by all of you.. love is a bitch. but its the most beautiful gift ive ever been given. the greatest experience of my life. ill never regret loving this guy, no matter whathappens after it all.. keep strong and remember to tell them you love them, before you look back and say 'maybe love will find us again..' peace:)

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