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Shai Hulud When One Bests Defeat Lyrics

Last updated: 07/25/2003 04:35:41 AM

The vigor in my soul won't stand for this anymore The potency that is my being is far ruin Far from silenced And far from death With Severed legs I'd walk with intent to prosper A body plauged with sickness and still I'd dare to dream For I can Breathe my blood is fire and I bleed life The defeatest is dead No remorse for that man who dies A sad bitter man whose contempt for himself exceded his contempt for the world No remorse for those who chis spirit A sad bitter lot whose lack of insight left a man broken Left many broken The disenchanted led by the frightened only blessed With the absence of respect A world enslaved by itself but one was reborn to conquer I climb to the crest and strive to climb higher At the core of my being is vitality that will not die My blood is fire and I bleed life My blood is fire