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Babyface When Men Grow Old Lyrics

Last updated: 10/29/2013 07:04:07 AM

So many years that you sacrificed
So many chances you let go by
And girl never once did
you complain, no way
And now he's got nerve just to criticize
You let yourself go, like you've got no pride
You do what you do hoping he will stay
The first thing you do is put on your make up
But he doesn't notice a thing
It's not how it's s'posed to be

When men grow old
Do they lose sensitivity
When men grow old
They forget how to love
When men grow old
They have no sense of loyalty
Well if that's how it is
I don't wanna grow anymore

So many nights when you sat alone
He's out with his friends like he's got no home
But you understood that he needed his space
But now it seems like that he's always gone
And he won't admit that
there's something wrong
He finds a young girl who will take your place
The first thing you do,
you go get your hair done
But he doesn't notice a thing
It's not s'posed to be that way


Time after time
Year after year
So many women are drowning in tears
Waiting and hoping and praying for love
Something that most men don't
know the true meaning of
Why can't they just open their hearts,
don't they fall in love


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offensive | Reviewer: old man | 10/28/13

this song is highly offensive to me. i have grown old with my wife. never stayed out ever, not one nite in 23 years. I have made love to here constantly so much over the years i need testosterone replacement. never cheated, never raised my hand to strike her, never drank, never smoked. I have been right by her side. and i know for a fact that the woman is the one that changes.Menopause is real! they have extreme hot flashes leading to not wanting to be touched, they dont feel good leading to being grumpy as hell, theyer appaerance changes, leading to being sensitive, sensitive leading to mistrust, mistrust leading to arguments! arguments that lead to us old men looking like the cause when (at least in my case) are the victims.

It's the truth | Reviewer: mendo | 5/15/06

When men grow old they are grumpy and serious so what he is saying is totally the truth. Every bit of each sentence.