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Groove Coverage When Life Lyrics

Last updated: 09/05/2007 11:00:00 AM

Strophe I:

I defy myself, I`m living in a lie, like no-one else.
Just take a look and you will see, that paranoia is a part of me...

But there are days without an end, there is enemy and friend...
Please God help me to survive this life!

Strophe II:

Look behind-go ahead, many things, that make you sad-
you can change your way.

I´m living on the edge of yesterday. My memories are cursed to fade away...

But there are days without an end, there is enemy and friend.
Please God help me to survive my life!


When life is on the longest way
Then life becomes your love one day

When life takes all away from you
There´s nothing you can do

I try to find my way somehow
I´m floating on the highway now

Tomorrow is a brighter day
You know we can not stay...

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When Life..... falls perfectly | Reviewer: Karinka | 9/14/2006

Enchanting melody seems to be standard with Groove Coverage, and "When Life" fulfils this seeming prerequisit perfectly.

From the opening piano to the slow yet steady beat of the drums, the background stays ever flawless, mimicking the flawless quality of voice give to us.

With eterally haunting vocals, I personally give this song five stars, or two thumbs up.

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