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Matthew West When I say I do Lyrics

Last updated: 04/06/2014 06:10:47 AM

When I say I Do
Matthew West

There must be a God, I believe its true.
Cause I can see His love, when I look at you.
And he must have a plan for this crazy life.
Because He brought you here and placed you by my side.

And I have never been so sure of anything before,
Like I am in this momment here with you
Now for better or for worse are so much more than only words
And I pray everyday will be the proof
That I mean what I say when I say 'I do'
Yeah I mean what I Say when I say 'I do'

You see these hands you hold, will always hold you up
When the strength you have just aint strong enough
And what tomorrow brings, only time will tell
But I will stand by you in sickness and in health

Cause I have never been so sure of anything before
Like I am in this momment here with you
And now 'for better or for worse'
Are so much more than only words
And I pray every day will be the proof
That I mean what I say when I say 'I do'
Yeah I mean what I say when I say

Take my hand and take this ring
And know that I will always love you through anything.

And as the years march on like a beating heart
I will live these words 'til death do us part'

Cause I have never been so sure of anything before
Like I am in this moment here with you
And now for better or for worse
Are so much more than only words
And I pray everyday will be the proof
That I mean what I say when I say 'I do'
Ya I mean what I say when I say 'I do'

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Gods love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/14

I believe that there is a God and this song just reminded me of the exact words I would like to tell my fiancée,i never thot I would ever get married,I lived a life full of sin,I used to do things that am so ashamed of toking about bt when I met my fiancée,he never gave up on me coz he wanted me to change.en jus a word to pipo reading this,when u want to change,change for ur own gud en not fo a person coz once dat person lives you,u can go bak to your old ways.I thank God my wedding is in June but most of the time my past keeps hounting me.

So beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/14

This song will be part of our 25 anniversary renewal this coming summer. We have been through so much. My husband has always been by my side especially during the death of my father last week. God truly new we were meant to be together and He made it so ❤️

Yes! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/13

My husband randomly found this song and used it for our wedding. This is so applicable to us. It was a month after my cancer diagnose, but he decided to be with me and get married to me believing God put us together. He daid he has never been fo sure that I am the one for him, and told me that this song perfectly reptesents his feeling to me. Now we have been married for half a year, still under cancer treatment, but he is still with me as sung in this song.

Beautiful! | Reviewer: Kelly | 1/20/13

I found this randomly searching for Matthew West on YouTube and since I'm getting to ready to get married it was particularly poignant!

(Apparently they changed the ad on this page or something because I see a video game ad which isn't at all offensive :D)

Ginny Leigh Stone Wedding song 6-23-12 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/12

This is the only song that was played and sung at my niece's wedding and it was sufficient enough. no other song needed.. could not up this one. Highly recommended for any wedding occasion.

LOVE the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/12

Love the song, my future husband actually heard/found it. We are Christian and is so powerful. He dedicated this song to me, maybe we'll make it our first dance?

As for the ads.. I don't see them. K9 Protection is installed on my computer and blocks it, it is free and I highly recommend it to anyone offended by such things as well as for any Christian intent on setting and keeping boundaries to guard their purity.

Perfect | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/11

This song is amazing. I just recently got engaged and this song WILL be played at my wedding. It is just beautiful! The good old suburbs of DG are SO proud of you! Keep up the wonderful things you do. God Bless you and your family!
The Huizengers

^_^ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/10

wow, this song is amazing, its beautiful and the lyrics are so powerful, im actually planning on maybe singing it to my girlfriend when i propose, as for those of you complaining bout the evony adds...1:if u dont want to see dont look, 2: its called add space if u want to have a free site to view lyrics they have to have that so dont complain, and 3: y are u focusing on the adds anyways, when u shuld be paying attention to the sheer artistic and emotional beauty of this song

When I say I do-review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/10

This song is true you need to mean the vows you take.When you get married your are making those vows to God and to the person you are marrying. People say the words, but do not really pay attention to what they are saying. You don't know what the future holds, but you know who holds the future for better or for worse.

When I Say I Do review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/10

Beautiful song! The words are so amazing...I love it!

I just can't stand the picture on the side. I'm so tired of these Evony Ads! It's ridiculous. I'm looking up Christian song lyrics and I find a picture of some lady's chest? I'm sorry, but there's something wrong with that! Anyone know of a way to block the ads?

I agree | Reviewer: saraina | 2/13/10

These lyrics are so sweet!! I would use this song at my wedding cuz it is so true, when you say I do you should truly mean it...

But seriously what is with the girl whos chest is hanging out? that is so disgusting :(

when I say I do-review | Reviewer: Jenifer | 2/10/10

This song is such a sweet love song! I want to use it for my wedding. I just hate that a christian song with such powerfull words has to be put next to an add for EVONY and the girl chest is hanging out? What gives!!!