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Green Day When I come around Lyrics

Last updated: 07/31/2011 11:00:00 AM

I heard you crying loud,
all the way across town.
You've been searching for that someone,
and it's me out on the prowl.
As you sit around feeling sorry for yourself.
Well Don't get lonely now.
And Dry your whining eyes.
I'm just roaming for the moment.
Sleazin' my back yard so don't get so uptight
you been thinking about ditching me.

No time to search the world around.
Cause you know where I'll be found
When I come around.

I heard it all before.
So don't knock down my door.
I'm a loser and a user so I don't need no accuser
to try and slag me down because I know you're right.
So go do what you like.
Make sure you do it wise.
You may find out that your selfdoubt means nothing
was ever there.

You can't go forcing something if it's just
not right.

No time to search the world around.
Cause you know where I'll be found
When I come around.

No time to search the world around.
Cause you know where I'll be found
When I come around.

When I come around. (3 times)

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Gilmen Performance 93 | Reviewer: Max | 7/30/11

I am 42 years old and back at gilmen street it was punk or nothing Billie joe I mean He was a cool kid but frank was the coolest I remeber the last gilmen performance shortly before dookie became popular Punk will one day return And in my opinion it will be louder more crazy then ever

Aw hell naw | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/11

To the comment below me: green day's lyrics have always had deep meaning, even in songs like longview and basket case. Just because they had more fun singing and playing along back in the 90's and spent less time being political pussies doesnt mean that their songs didnt have any meaning. They may have been about doing nothing, but the way they played it was very meaningful and poetic. Especially this song, idk how you can say this song is about doing nothing breh. Anyway, i still love green day despite their last two albums, they say theyre going back to their roots for the next album, doubt that highly but ive got my fingers crossed.

Green Day is awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/10

Green Day's music was good. But their new music sucks. Dookie was awesome, Insomniac was awesome, but ever since American Idiot, they haven't been that good. American Idiot wasn't a terrible album, but it wasn't good either. 21st Century breakdown sucks. Green Day should've kept making their music like this. they were better when their lyrics were about nothing.

When I Come Around/My Green Day Story | Reviewer: Elle | 9/4/10

This song, man. This is the second song I ever taught myself on guitar. The first being Brain Stew. Thank you so much for posting this! :)

I've been listening to Green Day since the Warning era, and I'll tell you right now; that love will never fade. This kind of music will never die, even when the band mates do.
Dookie has and will always be my favorite album... I can relate to it so much. Sitting around and waiting for something... I know that feeling far too well. Listening to them opened my eyes up to new possibilities and they showed me that everything will be okay in the end. When I was so down and so depressed and I just lost myself, they were the medicine that made the pain go away. I saw them live on August 12, 2010, and it had to be one of the best days of my life.

I know this is really long and most of you won't read it, but I just want to say thank you. To the fans, and to Green Day. I've made a lot of friends because of our mutual love for the boys. The power of music... It's amazing.

Green day | Reviewer: James | 11/2/09

this isn't youtube maria, and your comment sounds alot more immature than to the other comment your refering too, most listeners don't have to get fucked out their face to listen to music, and also quit with the life story, no one wants to hear it. Only About the fucking song!

When I come around | Reviewer: Stephanie | 9/8/09

This song is fantastic. In fact, the entire Dookie CD is. And even though I know I am only 15 years old so, yeah, I wasn't born when Dookie came out, I still love it. I started to listening to Green Day when I was ten, when American Idiot came out and I loved it! Green Day is my favorite band and they really have the absolute best concerts EVER. I can't wait to go to another one!
Yeah, so this song is really great and Billie Joe is a great lyricist.

Pointing out the obvious & My opinion on the song meaning and how i relate to it | Reviewer: Maria | 1/2/09

to whoever that is^

Your a fucking moron. How could he be your lover if he doesn't even know you exist? HES MARRIED! "Adrienne is the only woman I will ever love" & HE HAS TWO KIDS. What were you 13 when you wrote this? Thats illegal. At that time he was 35. I'm pretty sure thats considered Rape. People like you piss me off because he(and mike) didn't create Green Day to be adored and drooled all over. He is extremely attractive, I'm not going to lie, but theres no point in having an obsession. No matter how much you "love" him hes never going to be yours. Realitys a bitch. Deal with it. i doubt you'll ever read this but if you do and have matured i apologize and if not read this again and again until you got it through your fucking head. If that doesn't work... they have 8 CDs not including international super hits. Pick up a few, buy a twenty bag and smoke your brains out while blasting their music. Maybe then you'll realize Hes more than just a piece of ass

As for the song....
Billie Joe is a very talented writer and musician as are mike and tre. I knew they'd change punk history when i heard Kerplunk. They're real unlike the music that came out in the past few years. I can relate to most of their songs and thats why i love green day. I think this song is a love sick song about wanting space during an argument. It could also/or be about someones reputation, whether it be good or bad, you'll know where they are or where to find them. Those are just my opinions though. The way i relate to this song is when i get into an argument with anyone (boyfriend, friends, family...etc) i like to be left alone and take the train to the city and roam the streets or sit at a park in the city and clear my head. Love confuses me and finding the right person is difficult. Some people are too dramatic and swear I'm the one and it drives me completely insane. If i went missing that would either be the first or second place anyone would check. I also have a history of drug use. Trying to stay clean but sometimes it feels good to escape reality. Ive actually quoted this song when everyone was using that as a way to bring me down. "I'm a loser and a user so I don't need no accuser to try and slag me down because I know you're right."

Green day is frickin awesome! | Reviewer: Pet=sourgreen | 11/20/07

green day is totally my fave band. i wasn' such a rock fan before but one of my punk friends convinced me to buy their cd....american idiot. DAMMMMMMMMm was i blown away...i luved it so much i memorized all the words...i also have dookie, international superhits and nimrod...all awesome!!!!! GREEN DAY FAN FOREVER!!! PUNK MUSIC SHALL RULE THE WORLD!

GREEN DAY IS MI LIFE-BILLIE JOE IS MY LOVER | Reviewer: jhiemnyz | 10/17/07


cool days | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/07

i`ll just simply add this song and this band defined a part of my teenage days. it`s way too cool. almost fifteen years later i still enjoy it