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Another (3x)
Another F again I fret,
Another cocky hypocrite,
Another dirty look from a passerby.
Kiddy porn and lunatics,
All the things that make me sick,
Another suicide from a sad rock star.

So get the fuck out of my face,
And disappear without a trace.
You annoying little prick,
I'll reach into my bag of tricks.
And then I'll pull out a hand grenade,
Your machoism fades away.
But I will not pull out the pin,
Because thats mean!

With judgement day now gone away,
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You're sniffing all your days away.
I don't know who to blame,
Is it me or is it you?
Violent death and viruses,
And lack there-of of consciousness.
Another shitty song on the radio.

I'll kick the teeth out of your face.
I killed the cat theres no more chase.
You push on me I'll push you back.
So come on girls lets go attack.
Cause this is it, I've had my fill.
Don't find yourself inside a pill.
But I will not pull out my gun,
Cause I don't own one!

Leave me be I said
Why can't you just let me be?)x3
Why can't you leave me

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Benjamin is a gurl | Reviewer: gugö | 3/22/10

Unless you're twelve or something, how can these lyrics NOT make sense?

He's singing from a woman's point of view. It's not hard to figure out because the song's filled with signs, the most obvious ones: the line "so come on girls let's attack". Second, the song's name (When I was a little GIRL). There's also a subtle feminine tone to the lyrics as a whole.

Amaaazing. (: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/09

This song is amazing. I LOVE BILLY TALENT. #1 Fan! (:
& The lyrics do soooo make sense.
They're speaking about women being mistreated, by men who act like pigs.
It's about them finally defending themselves against, dirty looks, honking cars, & extreme justification.
Just to clear it up for those who think the lyrics don't make any sens. :D

Gotta Love Little Girls :P | Reviewer: Chris | 1/22/08

Just kind of a response to Kyle, yeah... Billy Talent ARE Pezz you silly moo. Pezz was their original name and also, BT re-recorded the song as a bonus track for Billy Talent II so this is ALL correct and there's no mixing up ;)

In other news, AMAZING song, gotta love the rythym of the guitar and the lyrics make me laugh now that I can actually read 'em. BILLY TALENT RULE!

NICE | Reviewer: The Boss | 11/30/07

god i love billy talent's musics! almost all of them .. i would LOVE to go a concert of them ;)

The Boss, ou então chefe em portugues xD

Billy Talent Songs | Reviewer: BreeAnna | 10/15/07

This song is the fucking best. I love it, the lyrics dont make sense, but music does have to. The lyrics still fucking rock and so does the song. Wish they played this when I saw them in concert.. and beach balls. If you haven't heard that one, I reccomend it :)

Billy Talent FUCKING ROCK. \m/


when i was al ittle girl | Reviewer: tristan | 10/10/07

this song is so sweet...2 bad the lyrics make no sence..any billy talent and pezz r the same thing so dont cry............

P.S. Billy Talent owns

muhahahaaaaaaa | Reviewer: P-chan | 10/4/07

it is sooo horrible!!!!!!!!!
in germany a lot of thinks with billy talent aren´t in the shops !Like T-shirts(But I´ve got one)
and DVD´S.hehe but in octobre ore so I think the new dvd from billy tallent will be in the shops!!!!!! huhuuuuuuuuuuuuu ich will in Canada leben!!!!!!!!!!!!

the 'When I was a Little Girl' song | Reviewer: samantha | 9/17/07

when i was a little girl i listened to When I was a Little Girl alot. i still do but not as much. good song, though

Wow! | Reviewer: Hannah | 6/26/07

I loved this track , the music is better than the lyrics i mean some of it isnt very p/c is it but who actualy cares! Great track their abulm is amazing

Uhh correction dumbass | Reviewer: Someone smarter than Kyle Obviously | 6/16/07

To Kyle...
Billy Talent and Pezz are the same band you idiot.They had to change their name because they were being sued by another band called Pezz..so they became Billy Talent....dumbass.

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