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Gabrielle When A Woman Lyrics

Last updated: 08/01/2001 01:46:23 AM

early in the morning
my friends already calling
ready for a party, they're just getting started
wouldn't miss it for a moment
my heart's already stolen, heard he's gonna be there
to miss it wouldn't be fair
no no no no no
(chorus: when a woman, wants her man, she'll catch him any way she can
I'm telling you I got a master plan
I'm gonna get you boy, make you my man)
driving down the highway
roberta? donnie hathaway, playing on the airwaves, as we're making our way
we pull up to a red light
check the mirror for the last time, I know I'm looking just fine
and I feel alright, 'cause I know I'm gonna party tonight, yeah baby
walking through the party
with all my girls behind me
suddenly I saw him, my heart it started jumping
then he led me to the dance floor, then he held me closely (so closely baby)
then he whispered softly, will you be my one and only
my only girl
when a woman
when a woman
when a woman wants her man