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Brandon Hines When A Girl Cries Lyrics

Last updated: 06/19/2012 11:00:00 AM

[Verse 1:]
Are You Afraid To Love Her?
(When you come on home and sit quietly in the dark)
You Woke Up in bed with another
(you looked all right and you constantly played with her heart)
Your never there to hold her
(She lays alone and pleases herself at night)
Why Cant You See Shes Urning For Your Attention But You Rather Make Her Cry

It Wont Be To Long Before She Cries Out all her Tears
Then you will be all alone

Cuz When A Girl Cries
Her Tears Never Lie
Maybe She Wants You Outta Her Life
Or Maybe She Hides What She Feels Inside
It Hurts So Bad She Feels Like She Could Die
Why When A Girl Cries If Theres A Smile
Maybe She Wants You To Stay In Her Life
Cuz When A Girl Cries You Must Decide Are You Really Treating Her Right? O When A Girl Cries

[Verse 2:]
Are You Afraid Of One Love?
(You Keep Plenty Around But They Don't Mean Nothing No)
Shes Missing Your Love And Affection
(Staying Nights On The Town With Some Help From The Other Homes)
OO Nikka What You Be Thinking
(You Know She Holds You Down)
Why Aren't You Willing To Make It Last
Its A Major Mistake You Making
(You Know Shes The One)
But Your Ganna Let Her Pass

It Wont Be To Long Before She Cries Out all her Tears
Then you will be all alone


She Might Be The Most Important Part Of Your Life
But You Can't Even See It Cuz You Ain't Treating Her
Right You Needa Treat Her Better
You Needa Treat Her Sweeter
You Need To Hold On To Her Cuz When A Girl Cries

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