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Green Day Whatsername Lyrics

Last updated: 12/18/2013 05:29:05 AM

Green Day - Whatshername

Thought I ran into you down on the street,
Then it turned out to only be a dream,
I made a point to burn all of the photographs,
She went away and then I took a different path,
I remember the face, but I can't recall the name,
Now I wonder how whatshername has been...

Seems that she disappeared without a trace,
Did she ever marry ole whatshisface,
I made a point to burn all of the photographs,
She went away and then I took a different path,
I remember the face, but I can't recall the name,
Now I wonder how whatshername has been...

Remember, whatever,
It seems like forever ago!
Remember, whatever,
It seems like forever ago!
The regrets are useless,
In my mind,
She's in my head,
I must confess!
The regrets are useless,
In my mind,
She's in my head,
From so long ago!
(Go... go... go... go...)
(Go... go... go... go... go...)
Remember in the darkest night,
If my memory serves me right,
I'll never turn back time!
Forgetting you, but not the time!

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back in the day | Reviewer: Karen | 12/13/13

i love the older greenday songs. this song never "helped me get through pain" but it hit the spot when i got to thinkin about the past. too bad they fell off after american idiot. they were so much better before they decided they were emo or some shit. i dont care how old billy joe armstrong is, he will always be my top celebrity crush, as long as i dont see if his physical appearance has changed or not since 2005 :) (or if i dont think about him sitting in a nasty trap house gettin spun and jerkin off after days without a shower...with meth mouth... lol, ugh. *Longview and geek stink breath* ) maybe not my top celebrity crush.... but anyway i like this song. lol

green day reminds me of her..... | Reviewer: dj | 7/16/13

There was a girl in my life who i fell in love with. I'm not gonna say her name but i dated her for a while and she cheated on me and it fucked me up beyond compare. I can never listen to whatsername without thinking about her. I haven't been talking to her but i don't need to. Green day helped and didn't but i still thank them.

Lonley... | Reviewer: Manoj | 11/14/12

Hey guys.... I read all your stories, they were gr8!!
In my life i hav never found a person who love me. Howevr i found a person bt to my lck she was already in a relationship.:( And wen i listn to GD i feel soo gud. Anyway life has to move on...
GD rox

Green Day made my day :) | Reviewer: sem | 3/27/12

I'm asian girl.. So, sorry for my bad english.
I started to like green day thanks for someone, he is greenday big fan. We got a really complicated love story.
I have a best friend, and she is the boy's best friend too. It all started when the boy fell in love with me, he asked everything about me to my best friend. First, everything was fine, I felt very happy that someone loved me and then I was starting to love him too. My friend supported me, she said if it would be great if we are dating.
but then I realized that my best friend has liked him for long time.. Everything ruined. She acted weird, like i'm the third person who appeared between them and break everything!
at the end, I and the boy decided to end our relationship. It wont be easy to keep it though, it'll hurt my friend.. The friendship between her and him will ruin too.
it's hard, really hard I said. the sadnest feeling when you really wanted to love someone wholeheartedly but at the same time you can't do that!
But now, I lost him and my friend too.. I lost both of 'em. Our friendship becomes awkward, we aren't match anymore.
And for the boy, i think now he is starting to avoiding me. Maybe he hates me.
I'm tryin' to forget him too, but its fuckin hard! Damn it!
Everytime I listen to greenday i remember him..
But now I'm like ''fck that! I like greenday, they make great songs! and there is nothing to do with him!''

Re: Great Lyrics | Reviewer: Mr. P.X. | 1/7/12

Hey, Anonymous 11/21/11:
I'm also from Germany, you have a very nice story. It would be interesting to know how it has ended. Anyway, I'll wish you best of luck for this story and your future.

Best Regards
Mr. P.X.

Vadics and Anonymous | Reviewer: Justin | 12/15/11

Anonymous would be correct. I am from America and "Whatshername" and "Whatshisface" are statements used whenever a preson struggles with remembering a person's name. And yes 'Ole" is another term for "Old". Doesn't necessarily mean that someone is old though.

Great lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/11

Last week I had some problems with my former-best friend, who I wanted to be my girlfriend since five years. We were really close all this time. But while I wanted a relationship, she just wanted friendship. So she ended our friendship which lastet five wonderful years. It was last thursday. I still want to be with her. I still try to get her back, at least as a friend. To be a friend to her was always my first goal, second goal was to be her boyfriend.
After this terrible thursday, I found my Green Day album, the first album I ever had. I listened to all the songs in one row, and when the CD stopped, I realized, that I can't turn back time. It's her decision - If she wants to be friends with me again, she will come back. If not, I won't see her anymore in 1-2 years, because she wants to move to Berlin, which is like 400 miles from here (or even more...).
In fact, I still can recall her name xD But it's hard to imagine her face. It hurts. This song helped me a lot, just like the rest of the album. It might even saved me from becoming depressive.
Hey guys, please keep your fingers crossed for me, that my Whatsherface will return, maybe only as a friend, but even that would be a great relief for me.

I'm not English too (German, as you might got from the 400 miles to Berlin), but I think "ole" is a slang word for: "old". "Whatshisface" means literally "what is his face?", just like "Whatshername" means "What is her name?"

GreenDay.. so much to say | Reviewer: Paula | 11/12/11

Well, first I want to say that I'm a Spanish girl, so forgive me if I make some grammatical mistakes or If I have a very reduced vocabulary. About the song I want to tell you a very short story, I's about a girl, who meet a boy and everything's all right but then.. she stopped to think and she said "STOP". What are you doing? He's hurting you, he's making your live so insignificant, so miserable... girl you deserve more than this beautiful but against stupid boy you know? It's true, you love him but.. he really love you? When she came back to the real life she realized that his adored boyfriend was with another boy, in another life, he was smiling to another different face, and he was happy too. So she cry and cry, but in the end she understood that her live will continue and she "turned that page" of her big life book. And she'll always remember him, but nothing's gonna make the time come back so.. she'll be happy without him. Well that's the end of the story, I'm the girl, and the boy is my ex-boyfriend. I'll always love him, but I need to have my own live without him you know? So thanks Green Day to make my live a little bit easier. XX

??? | Reviewer: Vadics | 11/2/11

Can anyone help me? :) I'm hungarian, and I don't really understand this line: "Did she ever marry ole whatshisface"
what does it mean? :D I tried to search it with the dictionary, but it didn't go well... C:

spot on | Reviewer: jess | 11/6/11

its been two years and i'm still in love with my first girlfriend. i've dated 3 girls since and every time its never been quite the same.. fingers crossed one day i'll stop wondering how whatshername has been

One of the most simple yet powerful songs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/11

My wife left me 18 months ago. I recently re-discovered my Green Day albums and when I heard this song, it summed up how I feel. You can never go back, however much you may want to, but in my dreams, she's still with me, always.

Still hurts inside... | Reviewer: Geena | 4/6/11

Green Day has changed lives of many people, and this song still hurts to listen to it. Even though it helps with the pain ( Just like Give Me Novacaine:D ) This song reminds me of one of my guy-friends. Me and him are really close. It was impossible for us to not talk to eachother for one day. My friends knew i like him, so one of the decided to ask him out for me ( I was too shy...:( ). But he said no... This hurt inside, badly. Like someone just tazed me and shot me in the heart at the same time. Thats what Give Me Novacaine came to my life. Me and him are still friends, but it sometimes hurts to see him talking to this girl i REALLY hate. She only likes him cause she wants me to get mad ( And the song Platypus ( I Hate You ) is just for her!:D ). But whenever i listen to Whatsername, i feel like a little bit of weight is lifting off my shoulders, like im getting more confident and having more courage every day. But this only happens when i listen to this song. Thank you Green Day, for helping me out with my fears, problems in life, and for making everyone, and i mean everyone, in the world happier every second of their lives. We all owe you a big medal or a prize ( Of corse not a consolation prize ) to thank you for all the plesure ( but no pain: part from Homecomming:) ) you brought to us. Once again, thank you.

Amazing Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/11

This song really conveys the feeling you get when someone you loved/love leaves you, or you leave them. For my own situation, it's the latter for me. This song really helps me understand why my heart is hurting when I think about her.

Thank you, Green Day | Reviewer: Harry | 9/18/10

There was this woman I met a while ago. We dated, fell in love and in the meantime I lost my job. She let me in her place and for a while it was okay. But the recession got worse, it was getting harder for me to even get an interview. She lost her cool and it was a matter of time until she threw me under the bus. If she had hanged on a little more she'd seen me getting the job. She'd seen me keeping my promise. But she was about pleasure, not sacrifice. Only I know how much I loved her, the pain is still too raw for me to describe. I feel so much anger, so much frustration. I want to scream and say all she deserves to hear, but nothing will make the pain go away. It's been several months since the last time I knew from her. All I have left is this song and I thank Green Day for their gift.

I wonder how to remove my feeling about him *best friend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/10

its insane, he is my best friend since we know each other since 1st elementary and he become my best friend until today. and something he didn't know and i wouldn't let him know that i fell in love with him. really sad sometime he talked about his girlfriend and someone he loved and deep inside my heart i am in love with him. you know what it feels like?
yes,we are close each other, we have a photographs each other, and his name always on my mind...but feels so far away, sometime i fell like he as the one i loved was disappeared.
how can i remove this stupid feeling, i fell in love with my best friend.

but, Greenday's "whathername" can pull out all my emotion from my heart and i cried. and would promised to forgot about this feeling.

in my way being lover is loser but i will be keep in Rock!
Thanks Greenday,and for all Greenday's fans we are the coolest :D