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Kirk Franklin Whatcha lookin 4 Lyrics

Last updated: 12/20/2012 01:52:03 PM

I was searching
For someone to love me right
Hear me when I cry
Keep me late at night
Jesus came even in my misery
Wiped the tears from my eyes
This is what he said

Whatcha looking for
I know what your looking for
What ya searching for
You dont have to search no more
Give you peace and joy
Fill your life with happiness
Dont you look no more
ć…Ťause I'm the one your lookin for

L-O-V love never meant that much to me
Until I saw your face
I felt amazing grace
But in the midnight hour
When I held my pillow tight
He wiped the tears so I could see
And this is what He said

I never knew
Love could be so sweet
The joy you give to me
Peace and harmony
I love you so
More than you'll ever know
What is this that I've found
Never, ever let me down


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Kirk Frank whatcha look at this | Reviewer: Jade West | 12/20/12

Kirk the most best song writer I know.He make song that I like and what my parents like.Kirk is my favorite gospel singer.Some day boys can be like them and girls can be there wife.I don't know how Kirk write all those amazing song because there are amazing.Kirk Frankin he is so funny because sometime I see him on t.v and sometime he is funny.Bye people.