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Webbie What You Want Lyrics

Last updated: 07/05/2012 12:00:00 PM

[Verse 1: Webbie]
Well fuck it, go on, turn the music up again
I heat the streets up like a oven, it ain't nuthin
I want mine. just hit me up when its "on time"
I ain't duct-taped me a nigga up in a long time!
Im'a die thuggin. I think Im'a die bustin
Im'a die hustlin, cuz I refuse to die with nuthin
bumpin crews who drove from Cali in my old school two-tone
they missed me niggas barely, I want they whole fuckin crew gone!
In that zone, where there ain't no smirks, niggas get murked
just keep hidin cuz its too late to go to church, now
show you muthafuckers how this trill shit work, now
turn your shit into the 4th of Ju-ly, boo-yah!
Savage: AKA Webster Gradney. Real name still bring flame
swang hang, let them thang rang,
leave brains all on ya fuckin shoestrang
I'm tellin you, we ain't playin, we comin!

Skulls gettin cracked for (this what you want?)
Kids gettin snatched for (this what you want?)
Ain't no remorse for (this what you want?)
These bitches ask for (what you want?)
Killaz on deck for (this what you want?)
Ain't no respect for 'em (this what you want?)
I want the rest of 'em (what you want?)
These bitches as for (what you want?)

[Verse 2: Lil Trill]
When its on, its on. Ain't no callin it off
Ain't no cop'in no plea, so ain't no talkin at all
You on the internet thug? You wanna buck in the club?
Well guess what? We gon' show you niggaz 'bout playin with us
We cant get you, we get the fam. Thats just how the game goes
Thought you was a gangsta, but you sweeter than the rainbow
I heard you [?] but I thought you was a man, though
We ain't never scary, we got guns like Hussein, though
Ash like Obama. Guns thats Futurama
Oh, you a mama's boy? I bring it to you and yo mama!
Nigga ye ain't 'bout that drama, so cool out, and cool down
Go and get ya clique but that choppa will make move 'round
Its however you want it. However you make it
Come to your apartments nigga, leave that whole thang vacant
Its what you want. I'm givin you a option
The K, or the airfare. I think we gonna pop him!


[Verse 3: Webbie]
I got a choppa in the car, a choppa in the car
catch ya stoppin at the stoplight, pop ya in your car
pop ya on your ass, treat ya like a ho
[?] hook up with ya sister, and treat her like a ho
I love ya like a pussy, I hate ya cuz ya pussy
I'm the trillest nigga livin, bitch
and I don't give a fuck about what anybody sayin,
or anybody drank, and I'll show up in they brain
"What these pussy niggas thinkin?!"
Webbie. You don't got no fuckin credit
and bitch, you holdin sumthin so come on, let me get it
I fuck her in her ass, I did it til she shitted
I put it on her ass, shittin on the wrong nigga
I smell blood. I smell blood
I feel played, and some skulls gettin cracked for
Somebody fin' to need a tampon
Its one of these pussy niggas time of the month