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Germs What We Do Is Secret Lyrics

Last updated: 05/13/2014 04:55:42 AM

Standing in the line we're aberrations
Defects in a defect's mirror
And we've been here all the time
real fixations
Hidden deep in the furor-
What we do is secret-secret!

We're influential guys for the D.C.C.
We can lie so perfect
And we've got a party line
to every call
It's a very short circuit-
What we do is secret-secret!

Licensed to drill with the torch
in our lives,
Walking on shallow water
Progressed to the
point of no distinction
Dementia of a higher order-
What we do is secret-secret!

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The Best Words Ever! | Reviewer: Peter DiStefano | 10/29/2005

I am so floored at how good this song is. these words are so brave and can relate to so much in my life...pete

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