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Aerosmith What Kind of Love Are You On? Lyrics

Last updated: 11/02/2012 02:30:40 PM

The beginning You say one thing, then you do another
You got it all wrong so you blame it on your mother
You're kickin the dog, but you can't get the cat
You know it ain't cool, but you like it like that

Everybody talkin bout what it is, what it ain't
Kiss on the Devil, and you piss off a Saint
But it can't be love if you don't have to crawl
You say you don't need nothing, but you've got to have it all

I wanna know, what kind of love are you on?

Jelly Roll Jane rolling on the rug
Tokin' on a lover like a brand new drug
Do the same thing every damn day,
Do the same thing, do the same thing
Never seem to get enough

I wanna know, what kind of love are you on?
I've got to know, what kind of love are you on?

When Jack took Jill up that hill
She charged his ass a quarter
well he flipped his lid, cause what she did
Ah, she shouldn't hadn't aughta

Rockin in a cradle with a high school vamp
Screamin' and a hummin' like an old tube amp
Up, down, sideways, going in and out of phase
Everybody asking why I kissed the girls and made them cry

I wanna know, what kind of love are you on?
I wanna know, what kind of love are you on?
I gotta know, what kind of love are you on?

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wut r u on | Reviewer: karen bullard | 11/2/12

i want what ever you on steve when you peform you put on such an awesome have been in my favorite pock singers since my younger days and you still hot on top you go hard..rock on!!!!'love ya man☺

Brilliant! Nuff Said! | Reviewer: Dazed and Confused :s | 6/2/12

First of all, I thought that this was an unusually heavy song for a band like aerosmith. But, I liked it. It was nice to hear something a little different to their usual blues flavour. It was also nice to hear Steven Tyler once again showing us the true power of his amazing vocal range. Come on, you know what im talking about. Don't we all just get those goosebumps when he sends out one of those powerful screeches he's so famous for? Well, I don't know about everyone else, but i'm gonna scale the internet high and low for any other similar aerosmith songs I can find. I wanna know what kind of love Steven Tyler is on. Also, loved the Kick Ass solo as well. Rock On Guys!

Jack and Jill | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/09

This is probably the third or fourth great rock song that takes the Jack and Jill story and uses it in the lyrics.

It is also possibly Aerosmith's heaviest song I've heard, and a great rocker too.

Oh and to RatMac it's off the Armageddon Soundtrack, it was never released on an album as far as I know

a perfect example of Aerosmith at their best | Reviewer: RatMac | 12/23/05

Okay, okay. This song KICKS ASS more so than almost any other AS song I've ever heard. Go guys... I just can't figure out what album it was released on...