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No Angels What If Lyrics

Last updated: 06/27/2012 11:00:00 AM

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I always thought it would be you and I
But I guess that was a lie
cause your no longer by my side
You were supposed to be
My One and Only, now that´s a memory

Imagine that you were wrong
What that you are supposed to be
Be with me all along

What if it was me
What if you and I were meant to be
What if i was your one
What if this mistake can´t be undone
So what if it was me

I remember how we would always
Make plans everyday
Thinking things werre okay
We could have had something real
So now what´s the deal, cause it all feels so surreal

What if it was me you´d come home to
what if it was me who slept next to you
What if it was me who cooked your food
What if it was me
What if it was me who was loving you right
What if it was me who´d pillow talk at night
Baby can you tell me what if

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