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Link 80 What Can I Do? Lyrics

Last updated: 04/16/2003 05:39:29 AM

I feel like I'm the only one that doesn't wear a mask, and no matter how hard I try I'll still come in last. People always try to tell me down where I should go, suit and tie, ball and chain, I just don't know. Those ssame people try to tell me what I should do, but I'm a step ahead and they don't have a clue. They're taking their insecurities out on me, closing themselves in and they don't ven see. What can I do? (a lot) It's up to me! (just once)... When I look back and can still see myself, I remember being alone and how pathetic I felt. They told me what to do and just fell in line, followed all those rules, and I got left behind! etc...