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UNKLE What Are You To Me Lyrics

Last updated: 08/06/2012 12:48:09 PM

(Day dream...)
Day dream...(day dream...)

So many times i've overflowed
So many faces come and go
I play my cards into the sun
and try to work out
What you are to me

To me

Been here before
A million open doors
Only one will set me free
So i fall against the wall
And try to work out
What you are to me, to me, to me, to me...

To me......

Inside my eyes
The answer lies
Something i can't see
Another day
Another way
It's all the same to me, to me

To me..., to me..., to me...

(what's wrong?)

To me... (to me...)
To me... (to me...)
To me... (to me...)
To me... (to me...)

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indeed | Reviewer: lies | 8/6/12

Your eyes Lye. Lying your eyes do. Lying your ears and nose. Lying your touch. Lies from everywhere. What is the Lying Self to the True me? Don't let the fear overtake you and leave you trapped in indecision. Learn to listen to the intuitive self

Lame. | Reviewer: LoLoKoKoDeeMeno | 10/30/08

I think this is the damn song my retarded friend keeps talking about. and how it made him think and blah blah and how he played it over and over and over again. talk about bullshit over-histrionical crap.. ur getting on my nerves YOU KNOW WHO. i hope u read this. stop being so damn gay and open up your mouth if you have something to say.
Okay. Im done.

What are you to me | Reviewer: Dem | 4/16/07

Inside my eyes
the answer lies
something i can't see
another day
another way
it's all the same to me