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Gerald Levert What About Me Lyrics

Last updated: 01/30/2014 05:49:07 PM

They say a man can be the coldest coldest
thing on earth
but nothing hurts like a woman
with dreams that don't involve you

What happened to all my dreams
you just trade them in for material things
just because your friends said you deserve
your own
how could you let them break up our happy home
bags are packed and you're on your way
this has got to be the saddest day
can I change your mind girl I'm hurting inside
can I change your mind don't think I'll survive
wihtout you baby

What about how I feel
What about me
what about all our plans
I guess you don't give a damn
what about me
what about me

You say you still love him but you gotta go
if this is waht love is I don't want no more
I'm begging you to change your mind
or do you get a thrill out of a grown man crying
I never thought I'd see the day when you up and go


We laid up in the bed remember the things we said
we'd be together until we're dead
you let your friends get into your head
it's never too late to turn things around
you said love was true and you'd always be down


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what about me | Reviewer: khathutshelo mushome | 1/29/14

The saddest song I've ever listening to,this song is a fall of a man from the tallest mountain ever meassured,I used to play this song when things turns down in my marriage,I love the song,I love my familly

Love this | Reviewer: Tiffany | 3/30/12

I know this song is geared towards a man...but my man sang this song when we first met...due to a woman who did him so wrong and he loved truely...glad to say I helped in the process of him healing his heart and when we decided to turn our friendship to more...I'm now rocking that princess cut and he is singing a new tune called...Love and Happiness!!

What about me | Reviewer: Ernest | 10/24/11

This is so true,the first paragraph talks about me,and my ex fiance.Everything was so perfect till she started working,evrything changed after dat.We used to plan together,but after that,it was about her,her dreams etc.Now she wants me back.

DEEP | Reviewer: Michael | 5/8/07

This song is so deep. The first part is so true. I know you women dont agree, but see our side of it.