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Usher What's Your Name Lyrics

Last updated: 01/30/2009 11:00:00 AM

Ey girl
Ey ey
Ey girl(ey girl)
Ey Ey
Eh eh ey girl
(Verse 1:Usher)
Whats your name?
baby,whats your number
Cuz girl you got me
Got a brother wondering
If you wanna,meet me in the
I can be ya friend til the end

Girl whats up
Im going crazy
Ey girl,whats up
Cuz I wanna know if I can love ya
Yo girl whats up (whats up)
Yo want you be my lady,ah?
Ey girl,whats up
I wanna know who you are
Whats your name
I wanna know who you are
and make you a star
Gurl im givin you everything
Cuz my love is yours

(Verse 2:Will.I.Am)
Whats your name and number
Damn your double deed
is making Willie mumble(yo)
Jilly Jollies im a rock ya
Like we get down
What ya did
you put it in my phone
Hit me when your all alone
u call on me
We'll flirt with technology girl


(Verse 3:Usher)
Whats your name
baby whats your number
cuz girl you got me
you got a brother wondering
if you wanna,hold me in the
I can be your friend til the end
but it should'nt be a problem if i holla

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