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(feat. Shawna)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Give it to me now, give it to me now
Give it to me now, give it to me now

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Give it to me now, give it to me now
Give it to me now..

[Chorus: Ludacris, then Shawna *2X*]
I wanna, li-li-li-lick you from yo' head to yo' toes
And I wanna, move from the bed down to the down to the to the flo'
Then I wanna, ahh ahh - you make it so good I don't wanna leave
But I gotta, kn-kn-kn-know what-what's your fan-ta-ta-sy

I wanna get you in the Georgia Dome on the fifty yard line
While the Dirty Birds kick for t'ree
And if you like in the club we can do it
In the DJ booth or in the back of the V.I.P.
Whipped cream with cherries and strawberries on top
Lick it don't stop, keep the door locked don't knock while the boat rock
We go-bots and robots so they gotta wait til the show stop
Or how 'bout on the beach with black sand
Lick up your thigh then call me the Pac Man
Table top or just give me a lap dance
The Rock to the Park to the Point to the Flatlands
That man Ludacris (woo) in the public bathroom
Or in back of a classroom
How ever you want it lover lover gonna tap that ass soon
See I cast 'em and I past 'em get a tight grip and I grasp 'em
I flash 'em and out last 'em
And if ain't good then I trash 'em while you stash 'em
I'll let 'em free
And the tell me what they fantasy
Like up on the roof roof tell yo boyfriend not to be mad at me


I wanna get you in the bath tub
With the candle lit you give it up till they go out
Or we can do it on stage of the Ludacris concert
Cause you know I got sold out
Or red carpet dick could just roll out
Go 'head and scream you can't hold out
We can do it in the pouring rain
Runnin the train when it's hot or cold out
How 'bout in the library on top of books
But you can't be too loud
You wanna make a brother beg for it
Give me TLC 'cause you know I be too proud
We can do it in the white house
Tryna make them turn the lights out
Champaign with my campaign let me do the damn thing
What's my name, what's my name, what's my name a sauna, jacuzzi
In the back row at the movie
You can stratch my back and rule me
You can push me or just pull me
On hay in middle of the barn (woo) rose pedals on the silk sheets uh
Eating fresh fruits sweep yo woman right off her feet


I wanna get you in the back seat windows up
That's the way you like to fuck, clogged up fog alert
Rip the pants and rip the shirt, ruff sex make it hurt
In the garden all in the dirt
Roll around Georgia Brown that's the way I like it twerk
Legs jerk, overworked, underpaid but don't be afraid
In the sun or up in the shade
On the top of my escalade
Maybe your girl and my friend can trade; tag team, off the ropes!
On the ocean or in the boat! Factories or on hundred spokes!
What about up in the candy sto' that chocolate chocolate make it melt
Whips and chains, handcuffs, smack a little booty up with my belt
Scream help play my game; dracula man I'll get my fangs
Horseback and I'll get my reigns, school teacher let me get my grades

[Chorus - repeat 4X]

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I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: chrissy | 2/24/09

this might be a sex song that teenager's & little children should not be listening to because of thew fact that it talks about sex but, i don't really care, yes, i may be a teenager myself but, this song rules and so dose ludacris!!!!!!!!!
peace, love & rock n roll!

Luda is de bomb of all | Reviewer: TBO TOUCH | 9/17/08

Guys, you all just saying things that you don't even have a clue of what luda is singing about.This is hip hop,lyrics supposed to be shizzling and wizzling.Like luda used to say,"ma music is ludicrious" so do i.Luda is de bomb when it comes to hip hop,he comes a long way with it.So those of you who think luda sucks?then i'm afraid to say this,you don't the shit about what hip hop is all about.

Dirty-ness | Reviewer: Neil | 2/22/08

Sure I admit I like this song, most likely on account of I grew up listening to it from my sisters. BUT STILL, what some of you are saying is really gross. Your probably all like 9 years old just pretending to be bad, but whatever. I'm just saying you shouldn'y be cussing up a storm like that. Naughty Naughty Kool-aid.

YEA LUDA THE BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: KEYDA | 8/22/07

everybody know its all about LUDA he is the BOSS and his sexy azz made this song more hotter than it already iz and for haley she is just sum lame azz broad who dont know shit cuz it is who made the song cuz LUDA the best(the lyrics make the song too but LUDA add the spice to it) and mandyy im a virgin and i still like this song so u dont have to be fuckn just to get into it, like i said its LUDA and he's the FUCKN BOSS of the south he run shit!!!!!!! LUDA SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!

fantasy | Reviewer: Mr. Travis | 7/20/07

i love this fuckin song.i sing it when i fuck my girl ashley it makes me horney.and i get on her nerves wit it.but this song is a pussy juicer!!!!!
lick it lick it!!

fantasy | Reviewer: Alecia | 7/3/07

this song is awesome. i love it and love fuckin to it. i sing this song all the time and annoy my friends. some of the words nt right tho. last word should be brains, not grades.

mandyy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/07

haley; shut your god damn mouth.
aha. the only reason you probably don't like this song is because you haven't had sex yet.

go do everyone a favor & go get laid.

Terra | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/07

...if you can't figure out what this song is about on your own...you're on some serious crack for real...

umm....whatever | Reviewer: Haley | 6/6/07

this song is just a bunch of shit but whatever u like i guess i mean yeah its ok but its not ok when guys your going out with tells u to read the lyrics to this song and u have no clue what to exspect but anyways im done writing this so anyways good bye!!!! guys only like it because of what it talks about not who sang the fucking song.

hayeye ha | Reviewer: Kayla | 5/9/07

this s is a good song cums in handy ive tried so shuld u

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