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Westlifes original members hail from Co. Sligo in Ireland.Out of those original members only three remain;Shane Filan, Kian Egan and Mark Feehily.Bryan McFadden and Nicky Byrne joined the group when Louis Walsh showed interest in the band, he then introduced ex-Boyzone member Ronan Keating to the band and the pair now co-manage the group.

The first single to be released was "Swear It Again" which went in straight to number one in the U.K. and in Ireland, it then went to tne top spot in numorous other countries.They followed it with "If I Let You Go" which also went to number one in those countries.They have released nine singles altogether off their previous two albums,"Westlife" and "Coast To Coast". Their next single is called "Queen Of My Heart" and it is on their upcoming album "World Of Our Own". They have been entered in the "Guinness Book Of Records" for having their first seven singles go straight to number one in the U.K. and for having five number one singles in Ireland.

Their tour earlier this year was so successful that tickets are already for sale for their next one in 2002, which is in big demand.Westlife have tried, and unfortunatly failed, in conquering America but the lads have vowed to try again and their fans are certain that the American public will realise, sooner or later, how great Westlife really are.

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Flying without wings | Reviewer: Sharon | 8/19/14

One song I love so much...the lyrics are to kill for and are so true. The harmony of voices passing a message way beyond the lyrics. Thank you for singing flying without wings.

Real and Infinite | Reviewer: JerryMae Delos Reyes | 7/31/14

I started became a fan of Westlife since I was in grade school; because I was not given the chance to enrolled in kindergarten bacause the principal said i can advance enroll to grade 1 , so i waited for the next school year for me to study. Suddenly, I hear some of my childhood friends singing the song entitled " I Have A Dream " and it really captured me. I like the song and I Love singing it, from then on everyday I was singing that song without knowing whose the artist of that song. When I started going to school as a Grade 1 student I finally Know that It was the Westlife behind that song from then on I started Idolizing them; searching all of their songs through internet and buying all their albums or DVD's. And that is the start me having my own collections. From their Albums down to their pictures. And I am so proud to tell everyone that I am A WestLife Addicted for life. Fom that moment i GOT TO Know WESTLIFE that is also the moment they became part of my life. They became my inspiration and my stress reliever throughout the day. Now, from being a baby and a teenager today nothing has change Im still addicted to WEStlife and that would be forever. Now , I never stop beleiving that one day I will finally meet them personally even though they alredy split up . They will always remain as westlife in my heart.

love westlife DS | Reviewer: JOHANA | 4/10/14

this review is on behalf of my friend DS . SHe told me to post this . she loves WESTLIFE alot . she loves MARK too . she and myslf have a fight almost everyday on whose boyfriend is MARK. i was the first one to see him. and it was me and my other friend who introduced WESTLIFE to her. so i think it is not fair of her to take away him from me. she loves MY LOVE . and sings it all the time . I ALWAYS SING WESTLIFE SONGS. NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT . here is thr review :"feedback- westlife . just now i saw all the members of WESTLIFE. omg omg omg .... isaw MARK nd he was ...... like awesome, handsome, wonderful and so cute... etc.and SHANE... sooo cute... KIAN, I LOVE HIS HAIRSTYLE.NICKY so handsome... i've gone mad on MARK. help help ...i've gone mad on MARK. i heard the song mandy. .. it was fabulous. MARK..is always coming over my daydreams. well all 5 are FANTASTIC 5, CUTEST5 , AWESOME5,ETC".HUH this the end guys. remember you all will live in aMY HEART and my friendsss heart 4ever

May you all be lifted up where ever you guys are. | Reviewer: Isabel sampson | 11/14/13

Am isabel sampson from akwaibom state,nigeria.am so said to hear that you guys have disbanded.sha!no one can questn GOD for he knws BETTER.dis thnks goes to you guys for this inspiring song you created(EVERGREEN)cuz it reminds me alot when ever i listen to it,it makes me cry and even add hope to my heart that it gonna be fine someday.i love you all bt GOD love u most.bye.......

I missed Bryan Mc. Most | Reviewer: Ogunmola Ibukun | 11/4/13

Westlife my favourite artiste now disbanded. It was so shocking and painful to have heard such bad news, i realise d later dat it had been pre-destined to be like that and no man can object it. Even if you don't release albus no more, your fore-release albums takes the whole town forever. They are always number one on my shelf and mobile, thank u. IBK, Ondo State, Nigeria

May be tomorrow,Puzzle of my heart,fool again etc. All my favourite. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/13

Hey Goodguys i love your hits. They speak on my behalf, for i encourage you keep the fire burning.'Everytime we meet, the picture is complete' i love this creativity. Your lyrics help improve our spoken English. God bless you.

Alaak Ajibil John
Kongor, South Sudan

Fool again,uptown girl, may be tomorrow | Reviewer: Paman glen from gombi,adamawa,Nigeria. | 9/27/13

I'm shading tears deep within me if i'm hearing your songs and remember that you have disbanded,why did you fuck like this?,your music is what change my music style like fool again, uptown girl,may be tomorrow. You guys should expect my album soon with a title "WE WILL MEET AGAIN". I love you all.

Westlife d best | Reviewer: Emamuzo | 9/25/13

See u guys not together any more makes me sad, ur songs are my number one since i was a child i would play ur song till i fall asleep.u guys are like angles.if there i one thing i would from u is for u guys to song at least one last song together for ur fans out there.from emamuzo,nigeria

The second of healer my soul after GOD | Reviewer: Kyantiki j | 9/20/13

Wow westlife guys you are too much listening to your song heals my soul e.g flying without wings do you know i laugh in my dream everyday mymum thout that i was mad just like mandy,open your heart,angel,angels wing,drive,my God let me say all your songs the add meaning to mx life i want to be like you guys oneday u have to pray for me too cos my prayer for u always is working u have to pray for me tobe a melodiuos singer like u oneday especially mark,shane&bryan ur voice is piecing my heart but why did bryan leave like he once said he shouldn't have left anyway whaen i finally become amusician u will get to know me better but u should have never disban anyway when i remember that ur songs are still there then i am consoled remeber that i will always love u guys jane k from nigeria

You are too much | Reviewer: Kolawole stephen | 9/8/13

Westlife you are too fantastic and i took you as my roll model cus every of your song touches my heart and add value to my love life and i love it so much and i want you to please back on stage. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

Your songs gives me inspiration and advice.. | Reviewer: Olajiga temitope | 9/7/13

You songs like. . I miss u, home, i don't wanna fight, try again, nothing is gonna change mylove for u. . E.t.c. . All polish me emotionally. . And it makes me to knw what to tell my girl. .when thr s ntin to say. . I really feel bad to knw dat u guys have disbanded. . Bt ur songs will 4reva be green. . I love u guys. . .bye.

My love 4 westlife | Reviewer: Nkem Onu, from nigeria | 9/5/13

I felt too bad when i heard dat u guyz has been debanded, i've been waiting to hear ur new songs not even knowing the change at hand, but neverdless u guyz ar special, will never forget how u guyz inspired our hrt, rily love ur song'' I LAY MY LOVE ON YOU'' God bless u guyz anywhere u are now, love u westlife.

when a w0man love's a man, d0n't let me go,my love, and etc. | Reviewer: westlife addect girl. | 7/12/13

You know guys your are my inspiration and happiness, because every songs of you that I've herd, it makes me smile, the lyrics are so meaningful, i love your song "when a woman love's a man" and other, actually my phone is full of your songs,videos,and a lot of picture., i love u all westlife and i will never forget your band no matter what happen... i wish that i see you and herd your voice in personal, "westlife" is always in my mine.. goodbye, and again,I LoVE U ALL ^_^

ME,WESTLIFE AND MY FAMILY | Reviewer: Snikeh | 7/2/13



Thouh you guys are trying in your songs,but they are not praising God,understand, you know you are not the owner of your life,one day the owner will take it, so what do you think about that,where are you expeting your soul,for this reason he send us a prophet to alart us before time,are you guys waiting for the door to be short first?,because the prophet said that,when all los angelos collapses( that is the earthquake) is the sign of the ressurration as it is (matt 27:50-53a),pls......,this your sweet vioce use it to praise God,thanks i love you guys.

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