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You could have been all I wanted
But you weren't honest
Now get in the ground
You choked off the surest of favors
But if you really loved me
You would have endured my world

Well if you're just as I presumed
A whore in sheep's clothing
Fucking up all I do
And if SO here we stop
Then never again
Will you see this in your life

Hang on to the glory at my right hand
Here laid to rest, is A love ever longed
With truth on the shores of compassion
You seem to take premise to all of these songs

You stormed off to scar the armada
as Jesus played letter
I'll drill through your hands

The stone for the curse you have blamed me
With love and devotion, I'll die as you sleep.

But if you could just write me out
To neverless wonder... happy will I become
Be true that this is no option,
So with sin I condemn you
Demon pray, Demon out.

Hang on to the glory at my right hand
Here laid to rest is our love ever longed
With truth on the shores of compassion
You seem to take premise to all of these songs

One last kiss for you
One more wish to you
Please make up your mind girl,
I'd do anything for you

One last kiss for you
One more wish to you
Please make up your mind girl
Before I hope you die.

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Eagle | Reviewer: Suphin | 7/16/13

I have learnt music....and according to me...music has 2 parts...major and minor...major musics gives a gud feeling...and minor music itself is powerfull...and this song is very powerfull...
The words starting from hang on to the glory till premise to the songs....has a great twist in music and coming back to the same tune is the best part i loved....

LIVE | Reviewer: ERICMARION235 | 2/18/11

Dude try seeing these guys LIVE. Greatest show I've seen in my entire life! Wish I could see them a million more time OMG it was absolutely amazing I got to see all 3 shows at the 9:30 Club, absolutely amazing!

SICK SONG!!!! | Reviewer: Sancho | 2/16/11

This song is so sick i had to go to ultimateguitar.com to learn this song on the guitar.... I normally listen to Slipknot Megadeth Iron Maiden 3 Inches of Blood and Arsis but this got my attention with the first fifteen seconds of this song>>

for info. | Reviewer: WumpaFruit | 1/12/11

Instead of posting your own silly ideas about what the songs are about, check out the story at cobaltandcalcium.com, buy The Amory Wars comic books, or really pay attention to the lyrics as a story. Sorry if that sounded rude. D:

<3 | Reviewer: Mike Shirt Off | 1/8/11

This band is simply full of talent. I'm currently hooked onto this song. The lyrics to this song are beyond amazing. However, I will have to disagree with Micksmatch69. I feel as if they don't have talent only lyrically, but the music itself is flawless and great to listen to. I usually listen to harder music like BMTH (well, their old music at least), Job for a Cowboy, etc., but these guys have caught my attention. That's all I have to say. :)

Personal opinion | Reviewer: Micksmatch69 | 1/1/11

I thought this song was intrueging (spelling) cuz people are often looking for songs that make them think hard about what the artist is trying to portray..it is like he is thinking of all the little things that we think of when we are in his situation and he blows them out of proportion...Welcome Home is a great song that leaves us thinking...me likey!! In MY own opinion...all the songs are good...deep lyrics but...nothing to fancy with the music...u have to be someone who is into lyrics to enjoy this band...once again in my own personal opinion...

Interesting :D | Reviewer: cloudandis | 1/1/11

Haha, this song has great rythm and sense of melody. The ending...it makes you feel like something epic just happened XD My favorite lyriks were (lol forget spelling!) were "You stormed off to storm the Armadas, Like Jesus Played Myater, With Love and devotion I'll die as you sleep"

Especially the way the words were...well, worded XD My top song on my ipod o3o

This is an amazing song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/10

For those of you that don't know, this song is about a vision/dream, I would guess, that The Writing Writer has about putting a girl who looks like his girlfriend, Erica Court (it's never said if it really is her), in a hole in the ground. She's screaming that she loves him, but yeah, he's not having it. :3

This song is amazing.

And there is no chorus. XD

A kick in the middle of the balls! | Reviewer: Minimoogman | 5/14/10

The first time I heard this song I though "Yeah! These guys have balls!". Unfortunatelly I bought the CD at ebay, and some verses were CENSURED! You can┬┤t hear what Claudio is singin... "Whore" and "Fucking" are words I just discoverd reading the lyrics... Yes, american bizzare morality: you can buy any kind of gun you want, bomds can be dropped in the mane of freedom, but you can't hear "WHORE" and "FUCKING" in a song...

See, what I mean is... | Reviewer: 4-Play | 2/12/10

I just think that the song's intro/begginning riff would have made the song that much better if they played it in like the chorus, or a verse or as an outro or something like that. Hearing the intro made me want to hear it more throughout the song, and I think it would have been better, nevertheless.

Still, though, the song is AMAZING.

.....Huh? | Reviewer: Cowmag | 1/8/10

Ummmm 4-play, what intro are you talking about? Perhaps Keeping The Blade? But that was just a collection of past intros meant to show that the story's coming to an end. I'm not sure why/how they would incorporate that into Welcome Home. Not sure i get your idea. Love the nickname btw.

Welcome Home....gosh what can't be said about this song? Pretty amazing riffs, killer solo, and an story behind the song. But, then again, that can be said about pretty much all of C&C's songs. Love their encore performance of this on the Neverender DVD. Any C&C fan who hasn't seen those performances needs to asap.

About the Instruments... | Reviewer: 4-play | 12/25/09

As good as this song was (and it REALLY was) i thought it would have been better if they incorporated the intro into the song.

(Off topic) If anyone's heard Mastodon's Oblivion, this acquires to this too. The song's good, lyrics deep (like Welcome Home), but lacking the extra lustre.

Being as good as it is though, I almost feel like retracting my thoughts. But whatever.

- 4-play (involuntary nickname)

Wow. | Reviewer: Ally | 11/14/09

Some people obviously just don't understand. Maybe they don't understand this song, or Coheed, or what. But ANYWAY, for those who DON'T know, every song released by Coheed and Cambria has a story behind it. Literally. There is a comic book series that is/was released that go along with every one of their albums. And this song, off of the album Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV: Volume 1: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness, is about the Writer falling into madness about a dishonest former lover, Erica Court. This song happens to be at a time when the Writer was hostile towards her.

You're welcome.

Darkest side of emotions | Reviewer: Wazzombie | 11/7/09

The song talks about the darkest fear lied within the emotions,emotions that rise when darkness take control over ur mind,emotions that rise when light betrays you,emotions that rise when even highest of the goodness is sacred of,emotions that rise when evil shows you a path towards hell,emotions that can kill the faith inside you,you will have on choice but to take the path of darkness. That is where you get betrayed.... Then u hear "welcome home"

Wtf? | Reviewer: Scooter Ja Broni | 10/8/09

So I like read this song but I didn't really get it because it's kind of stupid.

You know I bought a drink today, but I really just wanted a donut roll. Why the fuck did I buy a drink? I don't get it, why did I buy a drink when I was hungry?

Did I think I was a fucking astronaut who could drinnk water with some powder then it would turn into a turkey dinner when it got in my stomach?

What the fuck?

I'm not an astronaut, it makes no sense! WTF! Can you help me understand why I did this? This song didn't help me at all, it only brought more questions to mind.

Like, why the fuck did I just read this song? I've never heard of it before in my life, I don't get why I read it. I sung in my tune, and I suck at singing. So automatically the song sucks, and just doesn't make sense to me at all. Wtf is Matt doing over there ,he's so weird.


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