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Prussian Blue Weiss Weiss Weiss Lyrics

Last updated: 11/06/2010 11:00:00 AM

Weiss weiss weiss sind alle meine Kleider. Weiss weiss weiss ist alles was ich hab. Darum lieb ich alles was so weiss ist, weil mein Schatz ein Bäcker Bäcker ist.

Grün grün grün sind alle meine Kleider. Grün grün grün ist alles was ich hab. Darum lieb ich alles was so grün ist, weil mein Schatz ein Jäger Jäger ist.

Schwarz schwarz schwarz sind alle meine Kleider. Schwarz schwarz schwarz ist alles was ich hab. Darum lieb ich alles was so schwarz ist, weil mein Schatz ein Schornsteinfeger ist.

Bunt bunt bunt sind alle meine Kleider. Bunt bunt bunt ist alles was ich hab. Darum lieb ich alles was so bunt ist, weil mein Schatz ein Maler Maler ist. Darum lieb ich alles was so bunt ist, weil mein Schatz ein Maler Maler ist.

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Wpww | Reviewer: | 11/5/10

Fuck all who mock and label these girls just because they sing of pride and love of their heritage. They have a Right to. So fuck all who are against freedom of speech. They can say what they want. I support you prussian blue.

multi-diversity-ethnic-cultural twaddle | Reviewer: sprout | 7/15/08

The west is rapidly growing tired of all the multi-diversity-ethnic-cultural twaddle and the natural superiority of the aryan will once again reign as it should. The lyrics are great. Shame the music is crap!

idiots | Reviewer: Zombie | 11/16/07

I think all this talk about races is good because it brings it to the forefront.

and that guy named i'm going to kill you. give me a fucken break dont threaten people on the internet. thats the most pussy weak thing ever.
Do it then! or wait you dont know where they live or anything like that so why make a stuipid comment. dickhead

and it is implied racism, its not a racist song but they are showing support to the germans, including the nazi's

Lets be nice | Reviewer: Dash | 10/18/07

now now
i cannot support prussian blue as i too hate racism
but the threats you give them i refuse to support prussian blue are wrong for racism and the people who send these threats are wrong

About the song Weiss Weiss Weiss performed by Prussian Blue | Reviewer: James | 8/9/07

i think what they believe is up to them and they are my friends, i also believe the same things as them and surport them in everything that they do. i may be english but what happened in the past happened and to be honest i think hitler was right and saddly he didn't succed

maybe they are racists | Reviewer: German Girl | 8/2/07

I know that it´s no song of racism. It´s a song for children and I sang it myself as I was younger. But it scares me that some 15-years old girls sing a children song and it scares me that they sing it in German. It shows that they like Germany and the German culture and maybe the German history, too and that´s a sign that they could be a friend of the Hitler times. I´m just afraid that such bad things will happen again because I know what the Americans were taught, they were taught that there weren´t concentration camps and that milloins of Jewish weren´t killed in some weeks. Please to everyone that doesn´t like the Blacks, the Whites, the Hispanics ... remember all the bad things that happened and never let it happen again.

It's not a racist song idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/07

"All my clothes are white, because my loved one is a baker. All my clothes are green because my loved one is a hunter. All my clothes are black because my lover is a chimneysweep. All-coloured all my clothes are, because my loved one is a painter".

Aber wo ist mein kaffee? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/07

"White whitw white are all my clothes, white white white is all I have. I love all that is white, cause my loved one is a baker. Black black black are all my clothes, black black black is all I have. I love all that is black, cause my loved one is a chimneysweep." It's a german children's song. They've made many racist songs, but this isn't one of them.

Shame | Reviewer: Jaylen | 7/27/07

I read everyones comment on this song. To the people who are ssaying that they will rape them and kill them are the same as them. You have just gone to their level.

I don't agree with the lyrics or their opinion on other races but I don't scream iM GOING TO KILL THEM. That isn't right. You are acting like them if you do.

I come from a mixed family so I'm hurt by these lyrics and I am disppointed at them and those you threaten them.

We Support You! | Reviewer: Crof | 7/26/07

Just incase Prussian Blue read this, just to let you know we're not all ignorant! And we support you even if this lot are too scared to.