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1984 - Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo meet in 8th
grade typing class at New Hope-Solebury High School in
Pennsylvania. Both are making home recordings at the time
and begin swapping records from their collections. The boys
are visited by the demon-god BOOGNISH, prompting them to
form WEEN and assume the alter egos Dean and Gene Ween.

1985 -Ween skips all developmental stages of being a rock
band and are hopelessly addicted to drugs by age 15. First
of two cassettes and an EP released on Bird O' Pray
(intentional misspelling, More...

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Reviews about Ween songs

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Don't Want It performed by Ween

If anyone else wrote this song, I'd mock it. But something in weens execution makes it sincere. Mickey's solo made it go out strong. I like the more mature main stream ween sound. they've earned it after twenty years. To anyone who thinks they sold out, all that changed was the guitar effects. Go right back to birthday boy, they always wrote songs like this. It brilliant, as is Quebec as a whole.

Don't sing this song to your boss | Reviewer: Jonathan Chester
    ------ About the song YOU FUCKED UP performed by Ween

Well, I started singing this song to my boss in his office this morning. That didn't go over too well, I'd suggest against it.

Hell yessssssssss! | Reviewer: Jane Poet
    ------ About the song PUSH TH' LITTLE DAISIES performed by Ween

I love this damn song!makes me dance,laugh,great way of saying how ya feel..I love ween..always have..always will..Bumble bee tuna!

Baby Bitch Rocks! | Reviewer: crystal
    ------ About the song BABY BITCH performed by Ween

Hey. I love this song. It's great. A little sad but still, awesome lyrics and vocals. Just really like it.

nice | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song BUENAS TARDES AMIGO performed by Ween

the epic quality of the music plus the whole hispanic soap opera makes this one of the best songs of all time

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