Webbie Albums

  • Savage Life 4 Album (11/19/2013)
    I'm Back
    Fucked Her
    Bad Bitch 2
    Make It Back
    Another One
    What I Do
    Fine Ass
    Look At Me Now
    Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya
    Too Much
    She Say
    What U Mean

  • Savage Life 3 Album (11/15/2011)
    Baddest In Here
    What's Happenin'
    What You Want
    Shawty Know
    Trilla Than a Bitch
    Right Now
    Keep Ya Head Up
    Bounce That
    Rubber Tonight
    In Dis Bitch
    Mo Ass
    I Do Em All
    I Been Here
    Pops I Luv U
    Made Nigga

  • Savage Life 2 Album (2/26/2008)
    2 Smooth
    Six 12's
    I Know
    Just Like Me
    I'm Hot
    You A Trip
    Just Like This
    A Miracle
    I'm Ready
    I Miss You
    Doe Doe
    Fly As An Eagle
    Y'all Ain't Makin' No Money
    First Night

  • Savage Life Album (7/5/2005)
    G Shit
    How U Ridin'
    Like That
    Full Of Dat Shit
    Give Me That
    Crank It Up
    Laid Way Back
    Gutta Bitch
    I Got That
    What Is It
    Back Up
    Bad Bitch
    Mind Ya Business
    Come Here
    Gotta Show Me You Worth It
    U Don't Want That
    Bad Bitch (Remix)

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