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Gerald Levert Wear It Out Lyrics

Last updated: 09/22/2010 11:00:00 AM

it's getting hot in here(ooh baby)
naw naw not from the music
but just from looking at you
(come on baby)i want you

Girl you look like a million bucks
any closer girl i might bust
anit the Belvedere talking babe (no,no)
it's your body making me crazy (making me crazy)
(i-can't-wait-to-get-you-a-lone) i can't wait to get you alone
cause girl you got my love on swole
dance all night girl work up a sweat
(dance all night baby,
dance all night baby)
cause tonight you anit goin forget

when we get home
i won't leave you alone no
i'm gonna wear it out baby
(wear it out baby)
wear it out girl(wear it out)
see it's going down
(down) won't stop til you shout babe(down)
i'm gonna wear it out baby
(wear it out baby)gonna work it out girl
(wear it out)

o-baby you remind me of a lollipop
(how many licks)how many licks
(til i get) til i get
(to the middle baby)to your creamy filling baby
(on the bottom on the top)on the bottom on the top
(work my thing til you drop)work my thing
(say stop) spoken : had enough
daddy i can't take it baby
trun over you sleeping baby

(when we get home) when we get home i...i
i won't leave you alone yeah
til i wear it out baby
(wear it out baby)
gonna tear it out baby(wear it out)
said it's going down
(down) won't stop til you shout wear it out baby(down)
(wear it out baby) i'm gonna wear it out girl
(wear it out)hey come on(when we get home)
when we get home baby (home,home)
said it going on and on i'm gonna
wear it out baby (wear it out babe)
ooo baby (wear it out)

come on and (don't play with it,
you can get it,get it)get it get it
(you won't break it anit got no limit) no limit
(you can work it you can even bend it its your house so bring it on down)
down down down down down (oooh,oooh,ooh)i'm gonna wear it out

repeat chorus

i'm gonna wear it out baby (wear it out baby)
til i can't do no more (wear it out baby)
til you tired and your bed is wet (wear it out baby)
lose'in your mind (wear it out baby)
you gon trun over to sleep babe (wear it out baby)
i'm gon wear it out girl (wear it out baby)
you can't call your friends (wear it out baby)
tell 'em what i did (wear it out baby)
cause you gonna be tired baby (wear it out baby)
i'm gonna wear it out baby (wear it out baby)
and i'm gon still be watching tv (wear it out baby)
waiting on you baby (wear it out baby)
to wake up in the morning girl(wear it out baby)
you said you want me to wear it out baby (wear it out baby)
spoken: hold up hold up let me get a drink of your water (wear it out baby)
(fade) wear it out baby wear it out

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Love, love, love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/10

my boyfriend just played this song for me the first time the other it, love it. i put it on my ipod nad have to listen to it every chance i get. I musta been sleepin on this song for real. im playing it at our wedding for our first song...we are silly like that and our friends and family will get a kick that this is the song we chose

REVIEW OF THE LYRICS OF "WEAR IT OUT" | Reviewer: Tracy Grant | 11/10/07

I know that you were trying to aid all those Gerald Levert fans who may not know the lyrics to this song. I'm sorry to disappoint you and tell you that all of your lyrics are not CORRECT. Please only post the lyrics if you truly know ALL of the words to the song.

karla | Reviewer: karla | 4/23/07

the lyrics that u have posted for wear it out are incorrect. how long does it take for you to understand that and correct your site?

This is not Waer It Out | Reviewer: missy | 4/17/07

Sorry this are not the lyrics to Wear It Out!!

Excellent Song | Reviewer: Tyreena | 12/26/06

I love the song especially the breakdown, but the lyrics that are posted on this site is not for wear it out the lyrics are for U got that love

excellent | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/06

i heard him sing this on showtime at the apollo and loved it....