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I've got a cupboard with cans of food,
filtered water, and pictures of you
and I'm not coming out until this is all over.
And I'm looking through the glass
Where the light bends at the cracks
And I'm screaming at the top of my lungs
Pretending the echoes belong to someone
Someone I used to know

And we become silhouettes when our bodies finally go
ba ba ba ba

I wanted to walk through the empty streets
And feel something constant under my feet,
But all the news reports recommended that I stay indoors
Because the air outside will make
Our cells divide at an alarming rate
Until our shells simply cannot hold
All our insides in,
And that's when we'll explode
(And it won't be a pretty sight)

And we'll become silhouettes when our bodies finally go
ba ba ba ba

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Yes and no | Reviewer: Andrew | 5/11/12

Normally when a band hits mainstream they do lose their dignity and creativity to make more than enough money to feed themselves. That's what makes these guys so great, not only are they original and creative, but also good enough for a majority to enjoy their music.

Correction | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/11

The Shins did not, in fact, write this song. Ben Gibbard did. It is an original Postal Service song, the Shins just covered it. Iron and Wine did a Postal Service cover, too.


ba ba ba ba | Reviewer: Emma-Kate | 3/30/11

I love this version of the song. But to those of you who say that the Shins covered it, I just want to point out that the Shins were who originally wrote it. :) Just giving credit to those who deserve it.

Nonetheless, I think Ben Gibbard has a brilliant way of composing his music.

Mainstream =/= Bad | Reviewer: Conal | 9/7/10

Why do you think a band becoming popular ruins the music? Look at Brand New, there first album was pretty basic pop-rock that sounded like so many other bands, then they got more popular and started making amazing original music that has a deep meaning a lot of the time

all hail Claire. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/10


Unless you discover a band playing in your garage, you are going to be someone else liking them and thus making them a little more mainstream. You aren't a beautiful snowflake, sorry.

All hail The Postal Service. Great song.

Mainstream!? | Reviewer: Claire | 4/21/10

I've just stumbled across this page and yes I know thIs song isn't new, by the time I have read all your reviews the shins have already covered it. BUT I couldn't help but highlight how SELFISH your comments have been, " I hate when a band gets popular blah blah blah"
Unless you are a friend, relative, or producer I Highly doubt you 'discovered' any of 'your' music. People who make comments like that drive me insane, you weren't there while they waited tables or scanned boxes of soap at the local supermarket. Like all of us, these bands have to work so hard to get somewhere in life... God forbid they actually make themselves a little money. I daresay majority of these reviewers actually purchase their music rather than download it. So please think twice, if you are a true fan you won't turn your nose up if your favourite musician can feed themselves.

Love it | Reviewer: Rose | 10/7/09

I absolutely love this song! I mean, the cheery music mixed with those lyrics- It's amazing.

I think you're all right. Is better that they're not mainstream. When they become big, well, they kind of lose their individuality, what makes them great. When everybody hears it you get tired very quickly, it has happen to me everytime I find a lovely band.

I think from now on I'm just going to tell a friend or two about them. Or nobody, I'll keep them to myself ;)

Odd... | Reviewer: Dani | 7/30/09

Stunning piece.

Just really cheery music combined with lyrics that are anything but pleasant (wonderful though, quite poetic) put together give this odd surreal feeling. At Least to me. It's almost symbolic of how bad things are in the world and how everyone acts as if it's really nothing. And u may argue and say TURN ON THE TV EVERYONE CARES ABOUT THE TRAGEDY IN THE WORLD. but truly think of people in your everyday life. How many of them are like the activists on TV. I honestly think The Postal Service should go down in history for their lyrics. It's amaZing.

Sorry if I don't make sense sometimes. Im only 13....

DONT | Reviewer: liLa | 11/27/08

no , dont tell people about this music
thats the great of this kind of bands
its like a felling, you know you heard
something that not much people does
beside people always ruine everithyng
and then you star hearing your favorites
songs everywhere, and then you get tired of them

it happens to me avery days :(

:( | Reviewer: Alexis | 8/24/08

As much as I love The Postal Service, this song and wish everyone knew their magic, part of me is glad they're not so mainstream and aren't as well known as some other bands. I saw Hawthorne Heights before they made it big and they were great. Now they're ever other "punk" band. When bands become big they lose a little bit of that x factor, their music stops being the gems of your playlist and starts being the background music of the commercials you block out while watching the tube. And THAT is a sad commentary on the music industry and our society as a whole.

.. | Reviewer: Maddie. | 11/3/07

hmm such a lovable band,
if your looking for more like them
playradioplay! and The Secret Handshake are really really good.
and The Higher, but they arent to much liek tps.
and Rediscover.

blaahhh so many bands deserve to get big, but fuck no societys gotta wreck it.

Woo! | Reviewer: staci | 11/2/07

Postal Service is so sweet. Who else can mix smooth edm with lyrics about exploding people and nuclear war? NO ONE, that's right.

Omg!! | Reviewer: Peanut | 9/13/07

I think this is one of the sweetest and the saddest songs ever!! And we'll become silhouettes when our bodies finally go. How... poetic... I can't even describe all the feelings that go through me when I hear this song. This is as much of a work of art as the Mona Lisa.

Only the Postal Service... | Reviewer: Lemuria | 7/1/07

What other band could record a song about a Nuclear Apocalypse and make it sound sickeningly sweet? The music video tops it all off too, if you haven't watched it, go find it. Now.

Jennifer said: "I listened to the song and i could relate. And it wasn't because i've been in a nuclear war. But because, in a way, we're all fighting a nuclear war. Each of us have our own battles."

Best. Analogy. Ever.

i.love.this.song. | Reviewer: Jennifer | 6/12/07

I listened to the song and i could relate. And it wasn't because i've been in a nuclear war. But because, in a way, we're all fighting a nuclear war. Each of us have our own battles. So this song can be speaking metaphorically. And it's happy because The Postal Service thinks we'd be happier in spirit than in spirit and body. =] That's what i think.

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