We Were Promised Jetpacks Albums

  • In the Pit of the Stomach Album (10/4/2011)
    Circles And Squares
    Through The Dirt And The Gravel
    Act On Impulse
    Hard To Remember
    Picture of Health
    Sore Thumb
    Boy In the Backseat
    Human Error
    Pear Tree
    Where I Belong
    Build Me A Bridge

  • These Four Walls Album (6/15/2009)
    It's Thunder and It's Lightning
    Ships With Holes Will Sink
    Roll Up Your Sleeves
    A Half Built House
    This Is My House, This Is My Home
    Quiet Little Voices
    Moving Clocks Run Slow
    Short Bursts
    Keeping Warm
    An Almighty Thud

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