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We the Kings is an American punk-pop band from Bradenton,
Florida. They are currently signed to the independent label
S-Curve Records (distributed by EMI Music),and their debut
full-length was released in October 2007.

The band members first met at Martha B. King Middle School
in Bradenton, Florida; their name refers to this
institution.The group began playing together while at
Manatee High School in the early 2000s, and landed on the
PureVolume Top 10 list after hiring a manager.After
continuing success via internet sites such as More...

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Review about We The Kings songs
little me | Reviewer: shay
    ------ About the song What You Do To Me performed by We The Kings

i wont to say that i relly love my mom in i dont wont nuthing to happen to her in i relly love her frm the bottom of my heart so i love you in all ways will there the king of my heat in i relley wont you all to know the..........good nigh
my phone..number.....9103011038

Skyway Drive<3 | Reviewer: XxMarixMotionlessxX
    ------ About the song Skyway Avenue performed by We The Kings

This song isn't just about suicide. It's saying that if one of them would die, the other would die with that person because they can't live without them. It's a love song. It's deeper than just suicide.

just say it already... | Reviewer: Melissa Christine
    ------ About the song Say You Like Me performed by We The Kings

i just wanna dedicate this song to Alex, i know you do everyone does, why can't you just say it for real? we just need to give it a chance im trying but you need to meet me halfway...

we the kings, skyway avenue <3 | Reviewer: tayla
    ------ About the song Skyway Avenue performed by We The Kings

please ignore, this is for a school project.

this song is basically all about suicide for love

'Cause if you jump I will jump too
We will fall together from the buildings ledge
Never looking back at what
We've done
We'll say it was love
'Cause I would die for you on Skyway Avenue'

Run Baby Run! | Reviewer: JanaMonster
    ------ About the song Check Yes Juliet performed by We The Kings

My boyfriend might not like this band all that much, but this song describes our relationship oh so well.. Music video and all. As of the 16th, we've been dating for a year. Much to my parents disapproval. Everyone thinks I deserve better, but what they don't get is that this love we have couldn't get any better. No matter who tries to bring me down, forever will be he and I.(;

"Don't sell your heart. Don't say we're not meant to be. Run baby run! Forever will be you and me."
Eddie.<3 (8/16/10)

Love ya WTK | Reviewer: TC Takes Me High
    ------ About the song What You Do To Me performed by We The Kings

Okay I LOVE this song so much Mainly because I love Travis Clark & WTK sooo much! And when he sings "I wanna be the one you write about/ I wanna be the one who never lets you down" It's like he knows me or somethin it's crazy! because I actaully do write songs about him and he never lets me down! I think about my love for him everytime I hear the song & the fact that he sings it really reminds me of him! If he sees this I just wanted to say I love you Travis!! Thanks for listening people who read this!

Love Is All We Need! | Reviewer: Love Me Travis
    ------ About the song Anna Marie (All We Need) performed by We The Kings

Hey! I'm a huge We The Kings fan so I just wanted to comment on the song and them! I love this song so much Travis' voice sounds awesome in the song (as usasal) and the lyrics are so cute and I hope one day Travis would sing this song to me one day if I ever get to go to a We The Kings concert! I think this is a beautiful song created by beautiful people! I love WTK so much and I hope one day they'll know how happy they make me:) They're awsomazing people:) Anyway Love this song & this band!

why i did it | Reviewer: the song writer.. dead set serious
    ------ About the song Check Yes Juliet performed by We The Kings

now i know that yous will say that im fake but im not. ive written three songs for these guys and this one actually came from my own experience.... i was 18 and decided to run away with my favourite gal... it was a romance that has lasted for 8 years and i made it to look like a romeo and juliet thing....hope yous enjoy it well.... its been out for ages but anyway... enjoy! RUN BABBY RUN

You Gave Me Hopee | Reviewer: Tayla
    ------ About the song Check Yes Juliet performed by We The Kings

This song is the most amazing song ever! i have been in some pretty bad situation with love , but this song restores that love will at the end of the day over come everything :) just love this song make me believe that maybe there is someone for everyone <3

mooonki (: | Reviewer: jes.
    ------ About the song Check Yes Juliet performed by We The Kings

I just love this song!! I wanna run away with my bf (when im older) and just end up just like this song and video clip! (: and i cant wait to fall in love. And when i hear this song i just start to sing along (out loud) infront of my friends and they start to dance and all! Aha. Anyways, this song is amazing his voice is amazing the beat is amazing just everything about this song is amazing. xx

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