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Akon We Takin' Over Lyrics

Last updated: 03/27/2008 11:00:00 AM

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Oh, oh


DJ Khaled!


Konvict Musik!


We the best
We takin' over


Ay, ay
Started in Atlanta, then I spread out wit' it
South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi
On to North Carolina, Phildelphia and Virginia
From down in Miami where it warm in the winter
On up to Minnesota where it storm in the winter
Jackson then Tallahassee, Memphis, Tenn. holla at me
Me in H-Town, Southside, Cloverland daddy
I'm the man out in Dallas, better ask Khaled
Kept me out in Cali with my eyes open barely
Blowin' and spinnin', goin' down Bennett
Drop six-fo', three-wheel then switch it
Red light stop, make it drop for the bitches
Got a glock fo'-fifth, blow your head off wit' it
Anything you hear that I said, I meant it
King got the crown then sped off it wit' it
Say you need bricks, I said I get it


If you want to, we can supply you
Got enough work, to feed the whole town
They won't shoot you, unless you try to
Come around and try an stomp on our ground
'Cause we takin' over, one city at a time
Said we takin' over, one city at a time
Said we takin' over, one city at a time
Said we takin' over, one city at a time

(Rick Ross:)

Triple C, Black Flag
We rich, yeah



(Rick Ross:)

Boss, it's what I does
I get money everyday, everyday I does
That Benz, is how I ride
Black flag on the left, two hoes and ride
You better, move! Ak all day
Get shot up like Shyne, that's on my neck
I'm Big like Diddy
Damn it, I'm wit' it
Khaled we did it, Biggie of my city
Please no fitted, fuck it, I'm too pretty
The rappers can get brain, stupid, I'm silly
Money that come, runnin' like water
Mami so hot, damn it, she gorgeous
Miami on fire, you better be, cautious
Might get shot on the porch of your fortress
Now they see that you know I'm from Port City
I run in 'cause Rick Ross is boss shit


'Cause we takin' over, one city at a time

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