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Lil' B We Solid Lyrics

Last updated: 03/24/2013 03:07:29 PM

Deep in my thoughts is bare we keep paying attention
please don't act scary, understand what it means to be me,
light decisions all that movin with precision,
go to distance, nigga lie, the game be scripted,
I don't do a f*ck bout the same shit,
move illegal, cop breaks with the eagle,
stay with the meddle, you would think I'm mad..
forgive me in the past, niggas is dirty,
big pressure on my back been the rar on earth,
niggas getting murb, how am I gonna live with the hurt,
Streets got me thinking like worth,
Never lay it off, get your brains dig, lizard to blizzard,
you have bitch you don't know I'm in the bay dog,
was getting money, it's little B..

Woman, ..
Man we didn't keep it with the gangsta shit,
sure you didn't keep it with ..
we low, but we real,
yeah get money, get money, get money to the harm,
it's little B, real nigga shit,
I'ma tell you bout me man, why we're living?

A gangsta never die, metaphor to the world,
Still shooting niggas drop in a second,
Just to be a student, I was teaching niggas moving
what's the movement, the scare pro, niggas moving,
ever should hace cried circles when I do it,
my music is better, niggas ask if I ever raped,
bitch you gotta wait and tell,
my soul right now living to the..
please take my words blood, you gotta live life and have fun,
you gotta save yourself, this shit was made for you,
and the blood the laybour, but my niggas eating
the world stay eating, I never got greedy,
I just stay busy, you heard me?
I just stay busy, Lil B
I'm sorry nigga, let's get it
PYT mixtape.
Nigga you heard what I hit.. you need that money?
That check cut, everything
still going through.