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K. Michelle We Mobbin Lyrics

Last updated: 07/16/2012 12:00:00 PM

Is there a hater in the room? Is there a hater in the room?
Is there a hater in the room?
1, 2, 3.

Fuck you, niggers, I swear I care about everything but these niggers
Don’t pay no child support niggers.
(I told the judge I wasn't gonna talk about my baby daddy no more)

So fuck you, bitches, I swear I care about everything but you, bitches.
You be some hating ass bitches, I ain’t thinking about y’all bitches, stackin my riches.
‘cuz you’re some dick drunk bitches , that nigger lame here ain’t getting no bitches.

Why you worry about these niggers? Got your own shit, well, fuck with gold diggers.

Pussy get you stuck, just like honey do
Yeah, that’s right, niggers, bitches getting money too.
I pull over in a two seater, only two, me and a bad bitch ‘cause this is just what I do.

And I’m quit to tell a nigger “fuck you”, move back, dirty money coming through.
‘cause that’s a motherfucking pimp, look up in the skies, got my name on a Blimp.
‘cause I’m a motherfucking problem, bitch, you got a grammy, but I come and rob ‘em.
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Why you’re between me? I won’t fight with bitches that be singing okay, no.

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