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Keyshia Cole We Could Be Lyrics

Last updated: 12/11/2007 11:00:00 AM

Oh yea yes ooh!Can I talk to you for a minute.? There's something on my mind that i wanna say...

Verse One:

Ooh reality is taking control of me,cuz I know, baby,I know that your not with me. Ooh lovin u boy,I wanna contradict my word.Cuz, I belong with you, I do truly wanna know


When you hear me talking what you think? When you looking into my eyes what you see? I know you ain't tryna be my man, but what you think about us being friends,making plans to be eveything we wanna be,makin our dreams turn reality ,I'm diggin' everything you appear to be,and im wondering if we could be real good, good friends?

Verse Two:

So emotional,you know I am,that's why you do me, the way you do me.If you be cool wit me you'll see,that im all you need, and all that you dream,and never would leave,you'll be right by my side forever,swear to god we'll grow old together,then reality would be you and me

Chorus (one time)


If we could be friends baby, You'll be all I need baby,I'll give you whatever you want,and never would leave you upfront,and be what you need baby, be all i have baby, I'd be there for you,never would front,do what you do

Repeat first part of Bridge
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