We Came As Romans Albums

  • Tracing Back Roots Album (7/23/2013)
    Tracing Back Roots
    Fade Away
    I Survive
    Present, Future, And Past
    Never Let Me Go
    Tell Me Now
    A Moment
    I Am Free
    Through The Darkest Dark And Brightest Bright
    Bonus Track
    One Face

  • Understanding What We've Grown To Be Album (9/13/2011)
    Everything As Planned
    What I Wished I Never Had
    Cast The First Stone
    The Way That We Have Been
    A War Inside
    Stay Inspired
    Just Keep Breathing
    Views That Never Cease, To Keep Me From Myself
    What My Heart Held
    I Can't Make Your Decisions For You
    Understanding What We've Grown To Be
    Bonus Tracks
    The King Of Silence
    Let These Words Last Forever

  • To Plant A Seed Album (11/3/2009)
    To Plant A Seed
    Broken Statues
    Roads That Don't End And Views That Never Cease
    We Are The Reasons
    I Will Not Reap Destruction
    Searching, Seeking, Reaching, Always
    An Ever-Growing Wonder

  • Dreams Album (12/2/2008)

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    Awesome Stuff | Reviewer: Adam Rock
        ------ About the album Tracing Back Roots performed by We Came As Romans

    Edgy yet smooth vocals overlap the screams at the right times through a whirlwind of extravagant heavy guitars. Synthesized at the right time on certain songs, but not overdone. Bass is there, but tends to maintain somewhat of a backgrounds. Drums are steady and keeps the flow of the music going. Awesome lyrics from a Michigan band. My favorite songs on this album are "Hope" and "Through the Darkest Dark And Brightest Bright."

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