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There’s a woman crying out tonight
Her world has changed
She asks God why
Her only son has died
And now her daughter cries
She can’t sleep at night

Downtown another day for all the suits and ties
Another war to fight
There’s no regard for life
How do they sleep at night
How can we make things right
Just wanna make this right

We believe(x6)
In this love

We are all the same
Human in all our ways and all our pains
(So let it be)
There’s a love that could fall down like rain
(Let us see)
Let forgiveness wash away the pain
(What we need)
And no one really knows what they are searching for
(We believe)
This world is crying for so much more

We believe(x6)
In this love

We believe(x5)
In this love

So this world is too much for you to take
Just lay it down and follow me
I’ll be everything you need
In everyway

We believe(x6)
In this love

In this love
We believe
In this love
We believe
In this love
We believe
In this love

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Maybe Not About Christianity | Reviewer: Livvy | 6/4/13

This song more speaks to me about war - the woman's only son dying, and all the 'suits and ties' with a 'war to fight', and wondering how they can 'sleep at night', which to me is showing the huge difference between the people who start and continue wars, and the families of those who have to go fight.

It then goes on to say that we are "all the same", showing that there shouldn't be this huge disconnect where some are sent to die and some are left safe and happy to send these men off to die, and that we shouldn't have wars in the first place as we are all human and no one deserves to die in something as small as differences or not viewing a human's life as worth enough.

About we believe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/11

I like dis band vry much becoz of dis song " we beleive" it is very good thing dat through song they give msg us dat we all are the same and we live in dis world with a peace without any discrimination, war,colour etc bcoz we are the same human being and we believe in gods even though way of pray different but truth is dat we lieve in god frm dis song we learn alot many thing like never forgive until and unles u becom success and always feel dat gods is with you. Thanks to good chatlotte to contrubute a good msg to disworld . By urken yunzen

We believe | Reviewer: Eric Chakma | 5/18/10

Its an inspiring song.... And for all.. It talks about hope and having faith in God.. This song wants to convey a message to everyone that we shouldnt lose hope when we're down.. We should always pray and have faith when we're down... And its for only Christains.. Its for the entire humanity.. And atheist please stop insulting God.. Hes the Lord of all...

Piece | Reviewer: Angel | 2/25/10

well, this song's too nice and beautiful too, but like everyone in this space say: this song have a importante god's message.. Look on the video, and you watch those milatary people? You get it!! I mean, that have a message: Simply, Everybody must believe in the piece of the world...Does it..

We Believe | Reviewer: PV2 | 2/4/10

To those out there who feel this song is Christian...The Title is WE BELIEVE its in refrence to...well...belief. think as you well if the song moives you spiritually then Believe in it. if not then it doesnt. im in IRAQ right now and every nite before i sleep i listen to this song and moves me for hope for the things i desire when i come home...you can't have someone tell you thats this song isnt religious if you feel it is, because as the TITLE is called its a belief.


it's just a song, don't overthink it. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/10

yes, I know from personal experience how much music can impact your life but honestly.. alot of you people are reading too deep into it, even though this song is really good. The band is just trying to get a message across: humananity, no matter what religion or what sexuality or etc... you are, we are all human, flesh and blood. If we can all be common as humans then we should all be able to love one another. That's the message I got from this song anyways. "SO this world, is too much for you to take. . .just lay it down and follow me."

don omar - reply | Reviewer: juse :) | 8/5/09

not sure if this song is bout god or not, but...
hey, im so sorry you feel that christians think they're always right. im a christian, and i'll admit im not always right about stuff. fact is, lots of ppl who claim to be christian aren't true christians. plus lots of time we think we know what is right but we're wrong. as far as knowing the truth and claiming to be humble, god gives us truth and christians wanna share it so everyone knows the truth. it's not saying "we know this and that, so we're so awesome" it's saying "god gave us this truth and we want you to know it." we don't have all the answers, but god does. he shared SOME of them with the world.
i hope u get what im trying to say, and i apologize to you on behalf of christians who have come across stuck up, including myself. (cuz ive been there too. "we're all the same, human in all our ways")
p.s. i s'pose maybe you are speaking of all "religious" ppl-not just christians-but as im not muslim, buddhist, etc, i can't answer for those beliefs.

love love love love love | Reviewer: monica | 7/12/09

i was TRULY inspired by these lyrics!! it has brought me to really fix up my life..now im not a christian but i have REALLY made a BIG change..one that will make a difference in the future!!..and...

R.I.P. BRAD GRAY!!!! i will miss you baby!! you were my one and only..i wish we could have gotten married too!

simply amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/09

i am from argentina and if this guys decide to come i would deffinitely go wherever they are. This song is THE most amazing ever. Every word thry mentioned is true:
-we ar all the same,human in all our ways.
-this world is crying for so much more
i just love this beautiful and inspiring song

i don think u all need to worry if its Christianity or what... | Reviewer: dahliah | 6/20/09

i myself am a Muslim. but i agree to what the lyrics say up above. we are all the same in a way. we have ways to do such kind of stuff. we have pains too in life, coz without pain, i don think our life will be interesting. we wont get to learn anything at all. this world is crying coz of whatever bad things are happening, just that we dont realise it. in general, i feel that love and belief are two other important factor that lead us to success.

but it all depends on each other's opinion to the lyrics up above. i feel like this song inspires me. good charlotte is changing, yes i do agree, their songs are getting more meaningful and i hope there are bands around like this, doesnt matter how funky or decent they dress, at least they make good music, and good music means meaningful and inspiring.

i agree | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/09

this song is not about God. Its about hope that people can change the world if they try. This woman is representative of a type of person that has given up on God yes but needs the hope that things can change. Really, a truly deep song that can inspire anyone to do something big.
p.s i am only 15 lol

WTF? | Reviewer: Don Omar | 5/20/09

baptism? Thats a good one!
"tune becomes high pitched as if it were trying to reach heaven" ... eeh... What?
I mean, come ppl, i just wasted 2 min of my life reading what Rachel wrote! xD ... Why do religious ppl ALWAYS claim to be tight? i mean, right... Why do they ALWAYS have the truth and then call themselfs humble! I just dont get it, if god [Jesus in christianity, or his father, depens on the branch u follow lol] is the allmighty [i preffer Bruce =P] how come they know everything and are always right? Cant u just be wrong once?

I BELIEVE is a song about hope, about being really down and still have what it takes to say "i believe all this $h!t can change", cuz even if u are atheist, theres always hope, in yourself, in others, not necessarily in god, church or w/e u wanna call it.

and remember He had a son with someone else wife LMAO!

no. | Reviewer: Nikolas | 1/10/09

i want to tell the person who wrote the first comment.. that it doesn's nessesary talks about Christianism .. religion isn't the only way to stop wars, death and sufering.
i think it is not even a way .. i could live in a entirely christian world.. whe shoud just use the power of love and forgiveness...

God | Reviewer: Rachel D.S. | 12/16/08

The song is really deep and inspiring. Even though it criticizes society, is a Christian song. It recounts a person’s Christian life.
During the first stanza, a woman realizes how crude and unjust the world is; her son has passed away. She is helpless as has nowhere to turn to, so she desperately blames God.
During the second stanza, Good Charlotte reveals today’s society. It is selfish and feels unconcerned by people’s suffering. The repetition in “another day” and “another war” shows the monotony and routine of life. Society has always been the same, repeating itself at a daily basis. A metaphor compares a day to a war. It means that every day brings new struggles and that the World is constantly engaged in unnecessary wars. The “suits and ties” represent the business men who only care about material value. They hide behind their well-dressed clothes to protect themselves from guilt: “how can they sleep at night.” The woman from the first stanza finds no reassurance from the society described in the second stanza, “her world has changed”, but it’s just another day for the business men who don’t care. At the end of this passage, Good Charlotte sends a message to his audience by using the pronoun “we.” Indeed he solicits us to do our part in changing the world and then emphasizes this request by repeating it, maintaining that we have the will to do it.
The third stanza reminds us that we are all equal in the eyes of God during the first two verses. The rain, that “falls” down from heaven and “washes” away the pain, symbolises baptism. It is a rebirth, a fresh beginning inspiring hope. A love, compared to this rain by a simile, is of course God’s love. The last three words “so much more” emphasize the world’s need of God. At the end of this stanza, the woman has accepted God into her life.
The final stanza is God’s word, expressed through references from the Bible. God tells us that if life is too hard, we can just trust Him to guide us. He tells us to “follow” him like the lamb that follows Jesus, the shepherd. “Lay” refers to psalm 4:8: “I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” “Need” in the following line is from psalm 23: “The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want” (want means need, not desire).
In conclusion, the title and chorus resume the whole message in a few words: we believe in God’s love. Whenever the words specifically refer to the Him, the tune becomes high pitched as if it were trying to reach heaven. The belief is inspired by faith and produces hope, and Good Charlotte urges us to grasp this opportunity to live.

Breathtaking | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/08

This song is breathtaking. I was always a fan of Good Charlotte, but this song is on a different level. It's amazing. All of their songs are great, but this one is one of my absolute favorite songs. You don't normally listen to songs like this on the radio, songs that have a meaning. Like I said, it's amazing.

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